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Karamara victory 43rd anniversary celebrated in Addis Ababa

43rd anniversary of Karamara Victory celebrated  at the Ethio-Cuba Friendship center

A partial view of Dilachin Statue (Photo : SM)


The 43rd anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory over invading Somali troops at Karamara was on Friday celebrated in the capital Addis Ababa.

It was celebrated near Dilachin Statue at the Ethio-Cuba Friendship center. 

Cuban Ambassador to Ethiopia, and members of the former Ethiopian Defense Force, including military generals, who took part in the war were at the ceremony. 

Last month, a young talent, Wendi Mak, released a single song “Karamara” to commemorate the victory. 

Siad Barre, Somali President who led the country until 1991, aimed at forming “Greater Somalia.” Annexing a large part of the South Eastern part of Ethiopia was part of the mission to make the “Greater Somalia” dream a reality. 

He was encouraged by the internal situation in the country in the immediate aftermath of the Ethiopian Revolution which was marked by, among other things, an intense power struggle between several leftist political organizations and the provisional government under Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. The country was also facing a secessionist war in Eritrea, then part of Ethiopia. 

Siad Barre’s forces launched invasion Ethiopian territories in July 1977 and occupied Ethiopian territories up to 700 kilometers deep inside Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian dislodged Somalian forces in a major counter offensive and the final victory was achieved at Karamara in March 1978. 

Ethiopia received significant military support from Cuba, Russia and Yemen.  

More than 12,000 Cuban troops fought alongside Ethiopia against the invading Somalian army.  It is in commemoration of Cuba’s contribution that the Ethio-Cuba Friendship center is established near Dilachin (translates to our victory in ) Statue.  


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