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Metema zone security incident left a police man dead

Four passengers detained and a policeman killed after gunmen stopped a passenger’s vehicle in Metema, North Western Ethiopia 

Photo credit : DW AMharic


An unspecified number of Gunmen in the Metema zone of Gonder reportedly killed a policeman and detained  civilians.

It happened on Tuesday in the morning in Shenfa town, a locality called Gubae. A resident from the area told DW Amharic that a vehicle was traveling towards Genda Wuha when gunmen stopped it, and they detained four passengers. The incident led to an exchange of fire with security forces and two people are killed.

The gunmen 1 million Ethiopian birr to release the four men they detained. And they are threatening to kill them if they do not pay what they asked for. 

DW Amharic service cited residents from the area and government authorities to report that one of the gunmen is killed. 

Armed robbery by ambushing cars and kidnapping for ransom was a problem in the region in the past. It is resurging after it was stopped for quite some time, according to residents. 

Desalegne Tassew, head of west Gondar Zone administration confirmed the incidents saying that it happened on Wednesday and the death toll, from both sides, is only two. No injury was reported, he added. 

Transportation between Genda Wuha and Quara towns are suspended as those providing the service are protesting the security problem. They blamed the government for not taking urgent measures to resolve the security challenge.  

Desalegne Tassew does not agree to the view that the security problem is not given the attention it deserves. Furthermore, he said that suspending transportation service does not bring about a solution.  The security force in the zone is deployed to the area where there is a reported problem. 

The administration in the zone is calling up on community members to support the effort to hunt down criminals by  providing  law enforcement bodies with information about the gunmen.  

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