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Ethiopian militia “retook control of a border area recently recaptured by the Sudanese army”

Territories occupied by Sudanese Army after the first week of November 2020 are back under Ethiopia after militia forces Sudanese troops in the area, according to a report by Sudanese News Sources.  


Ethiopian militia reportedly recovered Ethiopian areas that came under invading Sudanese army in the north-western part of the country. 

According to Sudan Tribune, the militia was backed by Ethiopian Army. Ethiopian militia  “looted the crops of Sudanese farmers and retook control of a border area recently recaptured by the Sudanese army,” it was said. 

Sudan Tribune said that it spoke to Sudanese farmers on the border area who said that  “Ethiopian militias stormed again the al-Fashaga area and fired a hail of bullets causing great panic among the farmers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia did not remark on claims about the damage and recovery of territories that were occupied by Sudanese forces. 

Earlier this month, Sudanese news sources reported about military build up by Ethiopian government close to the border area. 

Ethiopia has been calling for the restoration of the status quo before November 4, 2020,  as a precondition for peaceful resolution of border dispute through bilateral arrangements in place before the Sudan’s incursion. Sudan, one of the countries with largest landmass in Africa, invaded Ethiopia as the Ethiopian government was undertaking what it called a law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The two countries have been accusing each other over the border dispute. Ethiopia said the invasion of Ethiopian territories after November 2020 is the works of Sudanese Military leaders and something intended to serve the interest of a third party, not the Sudanese people. Sudan regarded Ethiopia’s remark as an insult to the Sudanese government and considered the Ethiopian territories that it occupied as Sudanese territories that  were under Ethiopian occupation for twenty-five years. 

 The exchange of words got to a point that Sudan called his ambassador from Addis Ababa last week. 

Meanwhile, Eritrean leader president Isaias Afeworki on Wednesday sent a message to Sudanese Prime Minister Abdella Hamdok. Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Yemane Gebreab,Advisor to the Eritrean President, delivered the message to the Sudanese leader. According to Sudanese state news, SUNA, Isaias Afeworki “expressed his concern about the situation at the Sudanese – Ethiopian borders, affirming his country’s understanding of Sudan’s position on its right to extend its sovereignty over its lands.” 


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  1. Those of you who have the slitest doubt about ETHIOPIA’S resolve on how the obstackles that has been created by Sudan, supposedly to slowdown the progress of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is fruitless and totally unacceptable, and therefore the great nation of ETHIOPIA will resolve the issues including the border issues in two ways, preferably, peacefully and deplomatically or else by virtue of force, the choice is totally up to Sudan, the ball is in Sudans backyard, period.


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