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If Isaias was the enemy of Ethiopia, he could have exploited current situation


In an interview with Andafta media, Ohad Benami makes the point that Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki would have exploited the current situation if he was enemy of Ethiopia. Ohad also makes some points in connection with the situation in Tigrai, the northern part of Erthiopia.
Watch the interview below.

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  1. Ohad Benami is a human being, like all of us, and expert in his profession with inherent right to express his opinion on any subject matter of his choice under the sun — no more; no less. .
    The interview is interesting with good information to the listeners [in my opinion]
    May ETHIOPIA gets its way and reach a peaceful environment for its PEOPLE and an example for Africa.
    The process is long and requires understanding and patience as well as bearing in mind that Ethiopia is an example [that no one can deny] of FREE, ANCIENT INDEPENDENT, BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY on the GLOBE — the pride of BLACK AFRICA that the WORLD cannot deny. GOOD LUCK.


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