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Ethiopian Defense Force vows to take Wazema radio to court over “false report”

Ethiopian Defense _ Wazema
Maj. General Mohammed Tessema (Photo : FDRE Defense page)

February 19, 2021

Ethiopian National Defense Force  on Friday announced that a news alert published by Wazema Radio on Wednesday regarding the transfer of ENDF bank account from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) to Oromia Cooperative Bank is false. 

The news alert from Wazema this week said  that it got information regarding  the transfer of the Defense force’s construction agency bank account from CBE  to Oromia Cooperative Bank.

“The report is completely wrong…the report violates the law, and it is something that creates suspicion between the public and the Defense Force,” General Mohammed Tessema said in a report that the defense force published on Friday on its social media page. 

The defense force linked it to what it called reports that tarnish the image of the defense force. Similar reports have been disseminated in the past. Some were ignored, and others were advised to correct their reports, said head of indoctrination, Gen. Mohammed.  

He added, “It is painful that the Defense Force to experience character assassination while it is paying in life in the law enforcement campaign.” 

Furthermore, he said that the ENDF will hold accountable, in accordance with the “law of our country”, the media that disseminated false information.  

Wazema radio is yet to respond to the remarks from the Defense Force. 



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