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Emperor Paul Kagame: The Mouse Impersonating a Lion (The Queen of Sheba)

Paul Kagame _ Ethiopia
Rwandan president Paul Kagame ( from his twitter handle)

By The Queen of Sheba

Pundits, armchair analysts, paid operatives, compromised journalists and media houses are having a field day blasting and censuring Ethiopia following the adventurous attack of the erstwhile TPLF cabal forces on the Ethiopian Defence Forces of the Northern Command. Just to briefly recall: The cabal forces attempted a fatal putsch by mercilessly and cowardly slaughtering the national army—in their sleep. This triggered a fantastic and thunderous response that ended up consuming the plotters. This remains the undisputed narrative openly and officially acknowledged both by the victors and the vanquished alike. 

This treasonous act was—expressly and promptly—condemned by a number of powerful entities including the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The small country, Djibouti, awarded the highest national honor to the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defence Forces in recognition of the decisive victory in crushing the plot which would have had a catastrophic impact in the region. Many other heavy weights, such as China and Russia, openly recognized the matter as an internal one and helped curtail the undue—and ridiculous—pressure on Ethiopia.

Here  cometh Emperor Kagame squealing on the issue during an interview with Hoover Institution, a US-based think tank, subtly and deviously faulting Ethiopia. In the interview, he audaciously called “for direct UN Security Council intervention in Tigray” when this is an indubitable matter of national jurisdiction.

Who is Emperor Kagame?

Emperor Paul Kagame, “the-savior-of-Rwanda”, has indeed played an important role in stabilizing the country. However, the same cannot be said for the region. Rwanda has long been implicated in the looting and embezzling of natural and other resources in neighboring countries. It once sparked a conflict which engulfed the continent involving more than half-a-dozen countries. It was also accused of numerous atrocities in the region. 

The Emperor of Rwanda, who now lectures on Ethiopian peace and security, is a villain well known for persecuting and killing his political opponents—at home and in exile. The killing of a high-ranking former intelligence chief, Patrick Karegeya, in South Africa which ensued a diplomatic fallout with the country is just one example. After the murder, Kagame boasted: “Whoever betrays the country will pay the price. I assure you. Letting down a country, wishing harm on people, you end up suffering the negative consequences. Any person still alive who may be plotting against Rwanda, whoever they are, will pay the price…Whoever it is, it is a matter of time.” Opposing Emperor Kagame of the small kingdom is tantamount to betraying the country—punishable by death. 

And yet the TPLF cabal treacherously and perilously betrayed the army, the country and the people—of over 110 million. The Emperor is yet to condemn this treason; if he has, I have yet to see it.

The monarch, who has won all the elections under the skies of the small kingdom—multiple times, and handsomely, for as long as he has been in power—should be slightly more modest in his lectures. Oh, yes, he has only been in power for over two decades—probably with an intent to rule as long as he breaths.  

Kagame the mouse, who thinks that he is a lion, is not even a cat. He has been effectively hoisted by lavish funds of “development partners” who have been largely dashing to cleanse their sins for their devastating inaction to prevent the tragic genocide. Kagame has been adept at effectively manipulating it in advancing his oversized global ego—and also capturing the limelight of the international media.

African Solutions to African Problems: Really?

The Emperor who deploys “African Solutions to African Problems” when it fits him, in this interview which is the source of the article, blurted: “the US new administration and the UN and others should be thinking what we can do together with Africa” and just as an afterthought pitched: “Africa needs to be engaged primarily.” 

In the interview, he further pontificated that “I have not known of AU or UN or individual countries trying to help in dealing with the matter.” He contemptibly gestured “It is still just within the country itself of Ethiopia”. Kagame, one of the purported active actors in the African Union, seems to declare ignorance of the proactive role played by South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa who exactly did that—though Ethiopia, as a sovereign state, rightly, declined the brotherly gesture.

Kagame’s Motives: Speculations

I have struggled to establish the motives of Emperor Kagame in distorting Ethiopia’s ability and resolve in surmounting its internal challenge. But somehow, I managed to cobble up two.

We know that Emperor Kagame hails from the minority Tutsi tribe which completely dominates the political, economic, financial, military, intelligence, social and culture space of Rwanda. This is comparable to the Ethiopian situation where the minority Tigreans, only about 6 percent of the population, did exactly the same, probably with more brute force, treachery and cowardice. It should be cautioned that the greedy cabal does not represent the great majority of Tigreans whose trust has been betrayed. 

Alas, these two have a lot in common—among others they both tend to win more than 99 percent of the votes—multiple times—a statistical impossibility where it is disproved in these kingdoms! Losing is unthinkable—and is not even on the menu. 

Is it possible that Emperor Kagame is silently mourning the demise of a comparable, probably more monstrous, minority mafia next door as a warning shot for his small kingdom? He may as well be, as at the end, the reality of the voices of the majority over the minority remains inevitable—at times with catastrophic consequences—as genocides. And Rwanda has already seen a barbaric one.

The second motive, I speculate here again, is that this Emperor who has no clothes, may be suffering from an inferiority complex of size, economic and political influence, global visibility and military standing of its neighbors. Ethiopia has been a central force of peace and security in the region for a long period of time and this has earned her a respectable place in the UN peace-keeping missions, among others. 

The little mouse appears to be deviously maneuvering to diminish the omnipresent lion in the region.

In Conclusion

Nations after nations have fully recognized the critical importance—and need—of thwarting treasonous acts as in the case in Ethiopia, through their favorable voices and their calculated silence. Emperor Kagame had a choice between these two plausible—and appropriate—alternatives. He picked the wrong one.

In fairness, Kagame may have been the victim of TPLF inspired and funded disinformation and lies. But then, he should have been more cautious if he, by his own admission, is aware that “the other problem is that it has been cut off from the rest of the world; people do not know much about what is happening there.” So how is it then the genius Emperor advising the UN to intervene in Tigray without information on the ground. This observation further lends some credence to my two speculative motives.

For all the genuine critics of Ethiopia, it is imperative to seek the truth first, before uttering disastrous solutions; or else Ethiopia will continue to spurn them whether they come from a demagogue former US president or a miniature lifetime African emperor. If you cannot be part of the solution, do not be part of the problem.

Truth always prevails. Ethiopia shall overcome.

The Queen of Sheba may be reached at | Twitter: @TheQueenofSheb5

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  1. Kagame is paying homage to his old pals, the goons of the TPLF. They go way back. He may consider himself to be the sole king maker of the hood nearby from his shotgun house, but someone better talk serious sense with him. He will be making the problem of his lifetime if he chooses to dip his sticky hands in the internal affairs of the old country. The Ethiopian people are taking down names of those who are trying to throw a wrench in their blessed struggle during these trying days and those who are on their side.

  2. This is nothing but speculation about what is in the mind of PR Paul Kagame and is a good one with a credible similar background. But I still do not think there is anything wrong with Pr Cagame’s concerns about the matter.
    There is no mistake that Tplf has lots of well-paid lobbyists and sympathizers who make a living by running an unpleasant smear campaign against Ethiopia. But all the critics focused on some of the way/methods PM of Ethiopia using to tackles the situation in Tigray, is not and should not be seen as a conspiracy case.

  3. I’m more than astonished by your analysis, deeply disappointed! Kagame is a close ally to Ethiopia as a country. He had a good relationship with TPLF leaders such as the two former prime ministers, but also Ethiopia under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed is a very close ally to Rwanda and Kagame in particular.

    I’m not really seeing any basis for this one-sided and highly abusive opinion!

  4. “Emperor Paul Kagame” !!!! It says it ALL — sufficiently, clearly and to the point.
    May the Good Lord, Way, Way, Way Up in Heaven, take a little time to help the helpless >>the ordinary >> the innocent>> the faithful >>and YOUR absolute ultra obedient servants, BLACK AFRICANS.
    AMEN – INSHALLAH [in alphabetical order, please]

  5. My Rwandan friends say that the reason why General Kagame is angry about the Tigray situation is because TPLF had given him a weapon storage there as a backup in case things get bad in Rwanda. Now that weapon storage supposedly has fallen in the hands of Ethiopian federal troops and Kagame has no access to it any longer.


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