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Addis Ababa bound explosive caught in Woldia, northern Ethiopia

ISUZU trick that was reportedly smuggling explosives from Mekelle to Addis Ababa (Photo : ENA)


ISUZU pickup truck carrying about 161 explosives reportedly caught at the  Woldia check point in northern Ethiopia. It was caught on Wednesday around 5 p.m. local time. 

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported that it was Addis Ababa bound, and originated from Mekelle –  the seat of Tigray regional state where a provisional administration is installed following the law enforcement operation of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Suspecting members of guards at the checkpoint in Woldia declined to give the driver of ISUZU pickup truck with a plate number A21084. The truck had to stay overnight for additional full searches, said the report by ENA. 

And the explosives were discovered. ENA report unspecified how they were concealed in the truck. 

Deputy Inspector of the Federal Police Commission, Amsalu kelebe, is quoted as saying that the explosives could have caused serious damage had the smugglers made it to central Ethiopia. 

They are the kinds of explosives that are used in detonating structures like bridges, according to the deputy Inspector. 

The Ethiopian government has been under immense media pressure to provide humanitarian access to the Tigray region – from where the explosives originated. 

Yesterday, TPLF, which now seems to be more of a clandestine ethnic-based organization as it has lost its legal status with the National Election Board of Ethiopia on grounds of attacking Ethiopian Army, spokesperson said that TPLF is still undertaking resistance to the Ethiopian Defense Force.  

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  1. The running remnants of the goons of the TPLF have now resorted to sheer acts of terror. It was reported even by their media outlet, BBC, that they have destroyed two main power distribution grids. When they cut and ran rabbits at the first of Jula they had destroyed runways at major airports, ransacked hospitals and even let more than 30,000 hardened criminals on long term prison terms by leaving the jails doors open. Many of those criminals were robbers, murderers and rapists. They are now loose to prey on civilians. The leftover goons know that they will either get it between the eyes or life in prison and there will be no doubt that they will up the ante in their terror acts. The will do everything in terrorists textbooks to take the Tigray region back to savagery so that they can fish in the troubled water. They had that a lot during their days in the bush in 1970’s an 80’s. Things now are different like night and day. They will never have the Layne’s and Dula’s beast of burdens to carry them all the way to Addis. Ain’t gonna happen, bud!!!!!

  2. Subject: “Addis Ababa bound explosive caught in Woldia, northern Ethiopia” borkena, February 17, 2021

    Commentary, 18 Feb 2021
    In all honesty and rationality, it is time for the LEADERSHIP of TPLF, wherever they are hidding, to face reality and let the hard working people of Tigray be FREE and resume their relationship with MOTHER ETHIOPIA. Personal ambition of a very few should NEVER be an obstacle to the welfare of the good PEOPLE of Tigray.

    Let it NOT be forgotten that TPLF had the Helm of Authority in ETHIOPIA with ABSOLUTE POWEWR of GOVERNMENT hierarchy for over twenty years. But, of course, they goofed’ by their own grandeur of superiority complex, and with the leadership turning around and hiding like MICE — leaving the country (Tigray) in hardship (to put it mildly). In the TRUE sense of JUSTICE, those elements who are still alive in hiding must be brought to JUSTICE for the sake of the innocent victim people of Tigray and, by extension, to the entire peacefulness of ETHIOPIA as a whole. By the way, it should NOT be forgotten that the members of the TPLF, who are under custody of the present Ethiopian Government, should receive FAIR and SQUARE JUSTICE for the sake of retaining the good name of ETHIOPIA ITSELF. MAY THE END BE WELL FOR ETHIOPIA (1).
    (1) The wishful thinking is NOT for international charlatans whose aim of YESTERYEARS, TODAY and TOMORROW, is to manipulate and control the entire Rich Continent of AFRICA, with the indigenous BLACK PEOPLE to rote in poverty, while the ‘modern’ educated Black Africans are also busy — in tandem with the charlatans — aggrandizing themselves without a limit, as if there is ‘NO TOMORROW’.
    I am restraining myself from indulging into another crime perpetrated upon innocent AFRICANS by foreign mauraders acting as the Children of God, attired in long dress and a bible which is transferred to a hapless innocent Africans while ………………… ……….. I can’t help repeating the words of Alen Paiton >>>> “CRY, MY BLOVED COUNTRY “ [AFRICA] . I have no more to say.

    • Well said bro. Your footnote was impressive. Glad to see a brother with his eyes opened, not dumb deaf and blind by religion and isms.

  3. Ittu Aba Farda, you said it all for both of us.

    The great nation of ETHIOPIA needs more of Ittu Aba Farda
    , or else , we will have to clone you, of course with your consent.


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