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Debre Zeit Police says killer of opposition figure Girma Moges unidentified

Bishoftu _ Girma Moges
Google map – Boshoftu (Debre Zeit)

February 15, 2021 

On Monday this week, Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party announced that chairperson of the electoral district in Adea, Girma Moges, was shot and killed on Sunday evening. 

The circumstances under which he was killed was not elaborated. 

Debre Zeit (Bishoftu) police disclosed a little more information about the killing.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate cited Commander Tariku Legesse, the city’s police chief, as saying that Ato Girma Moges was killed around 9 p.m. local time, but the killers is said to be still unidentified. 

Mr. Girma was killed as he was parking his car in the neighborhood.  

Police said that it got information that Ato Girma received threats from individuals, and one of them is in police custody. 

The victim was a teacher by profession and is survived by his wife and two children. He is said to be one of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party, opposition party, in Debrezeit. 

Earlier on Monday, the party condemned the killing and said that it will release a press statement. From the little information that the party published, the killing appears to be politically motivated. 

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  1. I am gonna wait for more facts about this very sad news. Beside politics this gentleman could have been a father, a husband and a loved one of his kin and kit. Now his children are fatherless and his wife suddenly a grieving widow. In such highly charged up environment the killer can be anyone. In any case, this murder is gonna send a sense of undeserved insecurity on members of the opposition parties who are already in disarray for faults of their own. They have chosen weakness in schism over strength in unity. They have been telling us that they are rather Oromos, Amharas, Tigrayans, Afars, Somalis so forth more than they are Ethiopians. They seem to be betting their hedges that one of these days they will be in charge and bring the dough home, not to the people but to themselves. That country does not need more than 80 parties to solve its two major problems: Bad governance and poverty. You can see how some of these minuscule parties are led by inept individuals by the signs they chose for their party for the election. One of them had the nerve to pick a thumb in an upward position. They better not show that outside the country. It could mean profane ‘up yours’ in many countries. What were they thinking? Thank Almighty nobody chose the sole of their shoes as their election sign. Just imagine what it is going to look like if the next election ends up to 50-50 with 50% of the seats won by the PPP and the rest among the other 45 minuscule outfits. That will be just more and unnecessary pain to the sickened country. Utter chaos!!! Then the White Citizens Council will be like ‘Niggers, you know!’

  2. Not quite sure about the meaning of your last two lines Ittu but for the rest you are spot on.
    Ethiopia’s opposition parties are as always hopelessly split, and further fragmented by crazy ethnic politics.
    In short Ethiopia is NOT ready for democracy as people have no idea how it works and that it needs COMPROMISE.
    Having said that democracy in the UK and the USA is in a pathetic state with extremist leaders and first past the post systems that produce quasi dictators.


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