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Reported civil disobedience in Tigray region of Ethiopia

Disobedience is said to be underway in opposition to the “situation in Tigray.” 

Partial view of Shire

February 11, 2021 

Mekelle based Deutsche Welle Amharic Service reporter,Million Haileselassie, on Thursday said that there has been a stay at home protest in some parts of Tigray region. 

According to his report, people in Mekelle, Wukro, Adigrat and Shire stayed at home in opposition to what he described as the “situation in Tigray.” It is said that it started as a protest Inter-Religious Council and elders delegation to Tigray. “They are seen as part of the problem.”

But the fundamental cause of the disobedience is the difficult situation in Tigray. 

Humanitarian crisis, gender-based violence and opposition to what the reporter described as “non-Ethiopian forces” ( apparently a reference to Eritrean troops) are factors that allegedly fueled the stay at home.  Interim Administration in Mekelle confirmed to the monitoring team from Ethiopian Human Rights Commission that Eritrean troops are operating in the region. 

There are also reports of gunfire in some places. In Shire, for example, at least one person is dead in connection with the exchange of fire, but the reporter did not specify as to the parties involved in the exchange of fire. 

A report released by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Thursday said that security problems in the region continue to be a challenge , and that governance structures in the region are not fully operational. 

Million Haile Selassie confirmed that power and communication have been restored in Mekelle and other towns, although there was an interruption on Wednesday. 

Tigray region Interim Administration has been attempting to engage people in the region in an effort to end the disobedience, but it is reported to be continuing, according to DW Amharic report. 

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  1. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Running dogs of the goons of the TPLF have been stoking hate-darted poison from their comfy homes here among us. They have been fantasizing about being singularly victimized for decades even during their hey days as the sole rulers of the country. When they were dipping their sticky hands in the nation’s coffers pilfering billions of US dollars to destinations now proved to be hard to trace, they were victims! When they mowed down hundreds of peaceful demonstrators right there at the doorsteps of foreign diplomats, still they were the ones who were victimized. Even when the bloodthirsty Mengistu gobbled up more than 500,000 of the cream puff of the crop at one seating in the 1970’s, except for a few others, the majority of the victims were from their region. The only one left for them to claim being victimized was the Holocaust of the 1940’s. Thank Almighty Patriotic Jula had to chase them out of town before they claimed to be the victims of Hitler and not the Jews, Serbs, Poles and Roma people. They would have been deafening us with such claim if they were still riding on the backs of more than 120 million upright people. It had worked for them in the past. It was registered in the psyche of many western emissaries. You now hear some of these foreigners with flat face telling us that the rest of the Ethiopian people are using ‘starvation as a weapon’ on their beloved brothers and sisters in Tigray. They try to convince the world that only in Ethiopia military conflicts should be like a cake walk just a weekend picnic in the park. Only in Ethiopia!!! These foreigners are hell bent to not even mention about unsuspecting soldiers of the defense forces who were attacked and murdered at their bases by the goons of the TPLF. Mai-Kadra massacres? Forget about it. When they talk about it has been like yada yada yada, just a mockery with passing mention. So the campaign by these bigots among us well funded by billions of US dollars hauled away from the poor people of Ethiopia is in full gear now. They are doing everything to trip that Alula incarnate Patriot Mulu in his blessed effort to bring peace and the right governance to his kin and kit. They are preaching and inciting insurrection from their luxurious homes here in our midst. I wish these demons were not even born!!!

    Ok bigots! One word out of you! One word!!!!!


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