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Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia delegation heads to Tigray

Inter-Religious council of Ethiopia

February 8, 2021 

A delegation from the Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia on Monday headed to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

It is composed of elderly religious fathers from the council and also elder mediators with a reputation at the national level. 

According to a report from Ethiopian News Agency, state media, which cited the secretary of the council, Liqe Tiguan Kesis Tagaye Tadele,  the delegation will remain in Tigray for three days discussing the current affairs and making humanitarian assistance to those who need it in the region. 

It will be holding talks with stakeholders, governmental organizations including law enforcement bodies and non-governmental organizations, in the region. Also, it will have discussions with community members. 

Damages to religious institutions and challenges experienced during the law enforcement campaign in the region are among agenda items for discussion. It is to be recalled that Nejashi Mosque and some churches in the region sustained damages during the three weeks of fighting between Ethiopian Defense Force and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces. 

It is expected to consult with stakeholders including elders and law enforcement bodies in Tigray regarding the next action plan in the area of humanitarian assistance, among other things. 

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  1. Subject: “Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia delegation heads to Tigray” borkena
    February 8, 2021

    Commentary, 9 Feb 2021

    Admirable course of action by the Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia

    It goes to show that a Black African Country can actually and truly be capable of solving the country’s sociological problem, effectively. The UN Organization does not have to send delegation to Africa — in this case, Ethiopia — to solve indigenous problem of the country. And, for heavens sake, Africa should NOT be used as a source of vacation with paid per diem expenses and enjoyment to see the wild animals of backward Africa. The so-called experts in various field of endeavour are actually tourists who are NOT interested in the people of Black but only to entertain themselves and widen their knowledge about the varied animals in Africa. In short, it is an enjoyment to see wild animals of Africa. In that context, any assignment to Africa, with paid per diem, is a glorious opportunity.

    The UN Humanitarian Organization and other organizations are NOT helping Africa to develop but only to use it as an amusement in the backward Continent of the World. To be fare and honest, it must also be said — with the greatest sadness — that the indegenous Black Africans who had the opportunity to be “educated” {!!!!!) abroad and posses doctor of philosophy degree special paper of 13 by 15 inch, DO NOT really help their ‘dear’ Africans to develop in the right direction !!!!!!

    A president of one of the most most familiar and widely popular country on the Globe labeled our dear Africa as a SHITHOLE!!! What is so embarrassing and frustrating is that an African President with a Ph D Degree fully and openly agreed with the insult!!!!!! Yes, we have to be fair, honest and accept our glaring weaknesses >>> hoping we learn from our own mistakes etc. Sadly, that expectation seems to be weaker by the day By the way, the African President mentioned is a President for Life for his domain.

    And so, Alan Paton said it ALL in four words: “CRY, MY BELOVED COUNTRY”.. What else there for us to do? THE END

  2. we donot need them religious leaders are heading to Tigray for what reason ? what were they doing for 100 days ? are they religious men ? I thought they are false prophets and cadres of PP ? if not they hide themselves from their children ‘let the rat pass beforehand”

    yehilina wekesa yemibal ababal neber teressa meselegn ???

  3. Can anyone please organize and represent the atheists in Ethiopia too?

    It had been said Ethiopia had suffered from massive looting and criminal activities for decades, financially enriching the criminals who most likely are atheists since every religion in Ethiopia is against massive looting and criminal activities.

    Let’s not forget this desperate time we are in now requires desperate measures.


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