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Abiy Amhed support rally takes place as Ethiopia’s election approaches

Support rally _ Oromo region
A picture from the rallies ( Photo :ENA)

February 2, 2021

One of the omens to tell election time is around the corner is that the ruling party organizes a rally. And it happened on Tuesday in dozens of cities in what is now called the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

State media reported it as ” A support rally is underway in different cities in the Oromia region to support the ongoing reform action and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration.” 

In fact, social media reports indicated that the support rallies also condemned opposition parties including “National Movement of Amhara,” one of the youngest political parties in the country. 

The protest also condemned Oromo Liberation Front, a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organization that is implicated in the massacre of hundreds of innocent civilians in the region and beyond.  In fact, the police commission in the region recently announced that more than 1000 police members were found to be members of the organization while getting paid from government coffers. 

There was an assumption that this organization will have a monopoly of political power in the region. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrote on his facebook page expressing his gratitude for the rallies across the region he once led as deputy president under Lemma Megersa. 

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  1. Bigots who are orphans of college campuses and missionary canteen are having a debilitating stomach cramps on hearing this news. The gullible youth has finally woken up and is telling these diehard sociopaths that it ain’t their cannon fodder anymore. Those days are gone, baby!!! Now bigots are running around like rabid dogs and losing their mind more than ever. They are using unverified numbers they cook up at their comfy homes to tell the world that genocide is being committed in the old country. Even one of the most respected media giants like Bloomberg News has fallen victim to these blubber mouth hate groups. In such latest post on Bloomberg News you will see a story of genocide with numbers(52,000). I could have given Bloomberg News a much more sensational number if they had given me the same unchecked leeway. I would tell them that I had personally counted 250,000 dead bodies using my long range telescope right from my comfy back porch in the USA. These sycophants used who they called ‘opposition’ parties. Who are those ‘opposition’ parties, you may ask? They are The Tigray Independence Party, National Congress of Great Tigray and Salsay Weyane Tigray. When I saw the name Tigray Independence Party, I was on the floor with roaring laughter, man!!! Great Tigray? That is a masterpiece, dude!!! They must have held back the ‘Gold(en) Race’ for now!!!! I don’t understand what the name of the 3rd one means and don’t even care.

    It is painfully clear that many of the western giant media outlets are willingly turning their platforms into playgrounds of dispensers of fabricated news.


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