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Ethiopian Press Agency planning to establish printing press

February 1, 2021 

Ethiopian Press Agency on Monday announced that it is planning to establish its printing press.  However, it will take at least ten years before the goal is achieved as indicated in a report by Ethiopian News Agency. 

The agency is expected to select a Technology center, research and present it to the House of People’s Representatives. 

Getnet Tadesse, executive director of the agency, the issue of the printing press has been a key challenge to remain competitive in the age of digital technology, as cited by the  Ethiopian News Agency. 

The agency thinks that printing press issues are a problem for all in the publishing industry in the country, and the foreign currency is spent to get quality publishing quality products abroad.  

Agaredech Jemaneh (Ph.D.) is a journalism instructor at Addis Ababa University and Board Member of Ethiopian Press Agency. “When the Printing Press is established, they will encourage investment in paper factories and other related investments, and save spending in foreign currency.” 

Ethiopian Press Agency was established in 1940 following the defeat fascist Italy after five years of occupation.

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