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Somali region president says Demise of TPLF brought shame to those against Ethiopian Unity

Somali region president, Mustafa Mohammed, was in Bahir Dar for Temesgen Tiruneh send off. Mustafa said TPLF demise brought shame to some political forces

Mustafa Mohammed, Somali region presidnet. (Photo : FBC)

January 28, 2028 

The demise of TPLF has brought about shame those groups (political) with the same anti-Ethiopian Unity stand, said Mustafa Mohammed who is the president of Somali regional state. 

“There were forces working to amass political gains at the expense of inter-ethnic violence. And TPLF was at the helm of them all,” Fana Broadcasting Corporate cited him as saying.  

He said it is important to work,in the interest of durable national unity,to ensure that such evil thought will not have a life again. 

Before Mustafa Mohammed took office as president of the Somali region, politically motivated and manufactured ethnic and religious-based violence was among the security challenges to the country to the point that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government had to deploy Ethiopian Defense Force to control it and hold politicians behind it, like Abdi Illey who used to have a strong relation with TPLF and is currently in prison, accountable. 

The situation has fundamentally changed after Mustafa Mohammed became the region’s president about two or so years ago. No ethnic or religious violence is reported under his leadership. 

He confirmed that his government worked to ensure that citizens in the Somali region of Ethiopia live freely without fear for reasons of ethnic or religious background. 

But that is not the case in other parts of Ethiopia – especially in Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz region where well over 500 innocent civilians have been killed, only in the past six months as confirmed by Ethiopian Human Rights Council, on grounds of ethnicity or religion. 

In fact, Mustafa Mohammed seems to be a popular leader at this time even in the part of Ethiopia outside Somali region. 

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