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Media attack on Ethiopia, the latest came from The Economist

The Economist accused the government in Ethiopia that it is using hunger as a “weapon” into submission 

Ethiopian Defense Force marching forward after decisive victory over TPLF forces (Photo : EDF)

January 24, 2021 

All was well in the Tigray reign of Ethiopia until the party that governs the region, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in early November triggering a war with the latter. 

In a span of three weeks, the full-fledged war for which TPLF mobilized over 250,000 troops was concluded. And it was TPLF that lost it. 

The humanitarian crisis, as is the case with any conflict and war situation, was unavoidable in the region.  The transitional administration established after the war admitted that damages to infrastructures complicated delivery of food aid and medical supplies where it is needed. 

It also said, this week, that the regional administration is coordinating with the Federal government to address emergency food aid. More than 1.5 million people in the region have already benefited from it and that the administration is working on to deliver assistance to another 2.5 million people. Those who are trying to paint a grim picture of government effort in addressing the humanitarian condition do have their own political agenda, head of the transitional administration, Dr, Mulu Nega, told reporters, as reported by state-owned media. 

However, the pictures being depicted in international media outlets tell different stories, and often misrepresent the situation on the ground to provide their readers (and policymakers too) with distorted accounts. 

The latest distorted media coverage from The Economist.  It used headlines that implicate the Ethiopian government for the humanitarian crisis and “hunger” in the region. 

“It looks as if hunger is being used as a weapon in Africa’s second-most-populous nation. And once again the scene of the horror is Tigray,” said The Economist in its latest report about Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check, a body established after the outbreak of the war to provide information about the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region, noted the serious allegation that the Economist made. 

On January 23, 2021, ESTFC wrote a letter to The Economist in reaction to the report. The letter said, “The Government of Ethiopia condemns in the strongest of terms the accusation that it is using ‘hunger as a weapon’ “. 

The report also got reaction from Ethiopian activists and politicians even in the opposition quarters. It seems the case that a considerable number of Ethiopians believe that the media in the west are targeting Ethiopia in what they understand to be an effort to resuscitate TPLF from political death. 

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  1. Subject: “Media attack on Ethiopia, the latest came from The Economist” borkena
    January 24, 2021

    QUOTE: “However, the pictures being depicted in international media outlets tell different stories, and often misrepresent the situation on the ground to provide their readers (and policymakers too) with distorted accounts. “UNQUOTE

    Commentary, 25 Jan 2021
    Let us be frank and honest
    When was the last time COLONIAL EUROPEANS care about the welfare of the Black African People?

    The world knows why Colonial Europeans flirt around the natural rich Continent of Black Africa. At one point in time, they even had a conference to dissect Africa into pieces for their respective share — as if the African Continent was bare off of human beings!!!!

    The crimes perpetrated upon the Black African People had no bound — and still so to this day. It is only the art of the manipulation that has changed, progressively. That is why, in a circuits way, AFRICA was made to be the most backward pathetic country around the Globe. IT IS A DELIBERATE CRUEL ACT FOR SELF INTEREST of COLONIAL POWERS >>> of YESTERDAY and TODAY. But the pinnacle of that hatred is in fact based on the demeaning perception towards the BLACK COLOURED AFRICANS. IT IS NAKED DISCRIMINATION & HATRED TOWARD THE BLACK RACE.

    As a consequence, the BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE are emaciated out of their culture and at the same time completely lost in strange culture, thus confused and lost in between — voila! creating the negative horror image of Black Africans and thus creating insidious INFERIORITY COMPLEX in the people of Africa. But, the greatest tragedy is when the so-called “educated” Africans are also affected and spend their life struggling to be what they can never be i.e. imitation of another culture and way of Life, thus psychologically running away from themselves !!!! In this way, the destiny of Africa is cemented, for ever. Just look around the circle of African Leaders and at those who have pieces of paper of 13 by 15 inch in size attesting and permitting to have a “Dr” label wth their names!!! And as the French saying goes >>> “C’est la Vie” and Africa will keep on going around the circle accomplishing nothing but becoming petty of the World. By the way, what did the AFRICA UNION accomplish since its establishment (1963) at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia under the chairmanship of Emperor Haile Selassie? I will ask no more.

    And those international marauders do not give a damn about the Black African People. They have their own agenda, which has nothing to do with the development of the BLACK African people. By the way, those international marauders are not restricted to the old European colonial powers but also include crafty Eastern sleeks who have their own long-range and very wide agenda, including having space for …..[you will not be shocked] ….…………OH! YES, Africa is the most UNLUCKY Continent — putting it mildly. THE END

  2. We are now so used to the tactics of the so-called enlightened west – that is everyone, including the Russians, the Chinese, the Asians…i.e.everyone except the west. So much so for liberal thinking and for wasting my time with this ideal…..ideal indeed!!


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