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“What would the U.S. Gov’t do if its military was attacked by a State?” Ambassador Fitsum Arega

Ethiopian Defense Force was attacked by Tigray regional state in what is said to be a preemptive strike against the Ethiopian Defense Force with the objective to takeover power in Addis Ababa or to trigger the disintegration of Ethiopia if that plan did not work 

USA _ State _ Ethiopia

January 22, 2021

As succinctly presented by anonymous Ethiopian writer, The Queen of Sheba, sometime last week, Ethiopian Defense Force achieved a shining victory against belligerent TPLF cabals, as TQS calls them, in as little as three weeks. But the battle in cyberspace is a different story. 

Apologists in Europe and North America are exerting pressure against the Ethiopian government and getting traction to the point that international organizations are either suspending or cutting aid to Ethiopia. 

The decision of many of these organizations is grounded on the view, certainly distorted including about the actors involved in it, that the Ethiopian government is at fault for conducting it.  Sometimes, it is even presented as a war against Tigary, which is predicated on the view that TPLF and Ethiopians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are one and the same. The TPLF itself has openly admitted that it launched a preemptive strike against the Ethiopian Defense Force in Tigray region.  

Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S. — Fitsum Arega — shared on his twitter page about his conversation with a U.S. expert on Africa whose name is undisclosed.  He tweeted : “I met a senior American expert on Africa. While discussing on the law enforcement in Tigray Region in #Ethiopia, I asked him what would the U.S. Gov’t do if it was militarily attacked by a State. He replied, that would be an act of insurrection, a treasonous act. “

The expert also remarked about misrepresentation of Ethiopia in western Media : 

“The only thing the US would do is to militarily defeat the perpetrators as quickly as possible. Anything less, would not be American. I further asked him why western media are not objective. He said that many in the media and in the west view Africa through a distorted lens.” 

A considerable  number of politicized Ethiopians go further to speculate that some media outlets in the west could even be paid for their services to TPLF. 

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  1. There is nothing much to be said about this, one way or another and the answer is very simple. The usual and typical American hypocrisy will kick-in and they will do everything they can do as well as whatever they wish to do to quell such an issues and no one can prove them wrong, because they can do no wrong, and therefore they will not be held accountable for their wrongdoing by the fake human rights organization, the despotic amnesty international nor any other human rights organizations including the corrupt United Nations, period end of the story.

  2. Subject: ““What would the U.S. Gov’t do if its military was attacked by a State?” Ambassador Fitsum Arega”

    Humble Commentary,
    With due respect to the Ambassador, my answer to the titled question is simple: NOTHING.

    On the other hand, if we are addressing what Ethiopia would do, with a problem facing itself, the answer MUST be corollary to the well-being of an AFRICAN ANCIENT FREE ETHIOPIA in its TOTALITY. FULL STOP

  3. Clarification:
    My answer “NOTHING” may give unintended meaning. What I mean, it is the affairs of the U.S since we are talking about Ethiopia. But I admit I should have been better than one word answer. Sorry.

  4. I personally don’t know if the late journalist of AWRAMBA TIMES, THE 40 YEARS OLD MAN , Dawit Kebede was part of the TPLF when he died recently or not, I do not even know what led to his death , it is difficult for me to know the truth about his involvement in the conflict at the time of his death specially since he was arrested and released in December of 2020 by the Federal police in Addis Ababa..

    Journalist Dawit Kebede’s life is remembered as full of relocations , exiles and imprisonments without peace,in a sense similar to journalist Eskinder Nega’s . May he RIP now.

    Since phone and internet services are restored in Tigray now details of the happenings in Tigray are beng video recorded and released for everyone to see, enabling soldiers on the ground to show the truth about what takes place on the ground, the internet and telephone access had gave them the much needed leverage to defeat the cyber warfare. Until recently since there was no internet or phone communication with Tigray, TPLF had been winning the cyber warfare greatly for the past few months ever since the attack on the Northern Command base was launched. But now with internet and phone services restored it seems like the TPLF propagandists are starting to loose the cyber warfare and the other side is begining to win the cyber warfare in a rapid pace. More cyber warfare soldiers are definitely needed for the whole truth to win.

    Now is a good time for Ethiopians to stand aside the truth by sharing the video evidences with everyone, so the truth shall prevail .
    Whether we are professional Journalists or not , as Ethiopians it is our responsibility to help the whole world take a look at the truth and make their own opinions about what is happening on the ground , let’s end the the anxiety the friends of Ethiopia are suffering with, by allowing for not a one sided as it had been so far but all the versions of the truth from both sides surface to light for the whole world to get the much needed input to make a well balanced opinion .

  5. I know the answer from the back of my hands. According the Herman{n}’s, BBC’S, NY Times, The Economist, AFP’s and Reuters rules, the USA would not do anything if a state attacks military barracks and kill soldiers. What the president, the congress and Supreme Court would do is reward the state with billions of dollars federal’s tax payers’ money and tell that state to secede if it wants to. You see, it is that simple. If Tigray led by the goons was one of the 50 states USA would have told Chairman Mao Debre and his cabals bravo, bravo!!! I am not kidding with you. Just ask these guys I listed above!!!!


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