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Tigray : Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace says Humanitarian response underway

The Ethiopian Defense Force supporting Humanitarian assistance work in Tigray says Ministry of Peace 

January 19, 2021 

Days after reports from International Humanitarian organizations claimed that 4.5 million people in the Tigray region are facing hunger and humanitarian crisis, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace said on Tuesday in a media release that the Humanitarian response to the situation in the region is underway.  

Over 1.8 million people in the region have received  food and non-food items including medical supplies, and that work is under way to assist  2.5 million others. 

“The Government of Ethiopia is collaborating with development and humanitarian partners for a rapid delivery of supplies to increase the coverage of assistance to identified beneficiaries,” said the Press Release from the Ministry  

The full content of it reads as follows: 

Media Release
Ministry of Peace, 19 January 2021

Humanitarian response in Tigray Region is underway

Since the law enforcement operation in the Northern part of Ethiopia completed, humanitarian assistance containing food & non-food items and medical supplies have been delivered for more than 1.8 million beneficiaries.  Expanded to address 2.5 million beneficiaries across the region.

Under the leadership of the Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) Ministerial Committee, an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) comprising of technical teams from Ministries, Regional Bureaus, UN Agencies and International NGOs has been established in Mekelle City to address immediate needs.

A four-layered Emergency coordination system (Regional, Zonal, Woreda and food distribution point) have been put in place to capture additional needs.

The Government of Ethiopia is collaborating with development and humanitarian partners for a rapid delivery of supplies to increase the coverage of assistance to identified beneficiaries.

The Ethiopian National Defence Force is supporting the coordination of the humanitarian assistance by facilitating secured movement of people and supplies.

Distribution is facilitated by the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC), Consortium of International and local NGOs under the coordination of UNOCHA and the Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP).  Distribution is carried out from Axum, Adigrat, Alamata, Mkelle Zuria, Shire and Mekelle City.  

Women, children, elderly and disabled persons are prioritized in the distribution of food, non-food items, and medical supplies.

The Government and humanitarian partners are working closely in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed on 29 November 2020.  A joint needs assessment is underway to identify the precise number of beneficiaries.

The Government of Ethiopia is committed to address all needs arising in the region.

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  1. Atta boy!!!! This is humanitarian aid coordination at its best. Those of you who counted out the capability of the generous and glorious people of that gem of the colored called Ethiopia, have a feast to your eyes!!! Alula incarnate Mulu is in charge y’all!!!! Do you know what those remnants of the goons at the top shelf of the TPLF degenerated to? They are now ordinary thieves who rob the innocent and law abiding residents of Mekele. What those goons did to the infrastructure is so disgusting you will spit at it. It is now discovered that when they knew it would be a disaster for them to provoke a losing war with more than 116 million fire spitting and mad as hell citizens, they started tearing down power lines, fiber optic wires and even stainless steel water pipes and transported all that with the refugees to sell at black markets in Sudan. It is going to be a massive undertaking for anyone to restore power and communication lines to where they used to be and more. Because of the steel pipes they stole water supply is said to be severely disrupted in many places. These are the demons that not only hated and looked down at everyone in the rest of the country but also their own kin and kit. Yesterday the election board has erased the TPLF from the list of parties eligible to run for office in the coming election. The decision was announced by the board led by none other than the fire spitting patriot H.E. Birtukan bint Mideksa. It is so ironic to hear this legitimate decision is made by a board led by a former prisoner of conscience who was brutally separated from her angelic daughter for two years. I hate to say it and I know she is a person of the top echelon of dignity and value but I want to wonder who is having the last laugh. Sorry our dearest daughter and sister!!! I have to get it out of my system. The BBC’s, AFP’s, Reuters and Al-ghabaas of the world can cry and moan much ado for nothing about ‘human tragedy’ due the war started by the despots, Alula incarnate Mulu and Jula don’t need the encouragement of these Ethiopia-hating media outfits. They would have been of great service to humanity if they have utilized their media prowess to go after corruption and bigotry in their own countries and continent. They think they have found easily digestible victims in Abiy, Jula and Mulu. They don’t know Bo Diddley. Sorry, I meant to say they don’t know diddly squat!!!

  2. Dear Countrymen/women!!!

    I want now to turn your attention to what went on today in this great nation of USA. It is of a great relief to me and millions others that the Inauguration ceremony took place as scheduled without any undesirable event. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw leaders of both parties including the outgoing Vice President savoring this moment of Peaceful Transfer of Power. Once again this country has lived up to its expectation in this Holy Process of welcoming the new President in peace. It showed its symbol of being a beacon of hope to billions of people worldwide who are tired of political violence that has engulfed them for days on end and for years on end leaving them homeless, hopeless and their loved ones. Yes it is still unusually tense but let there be no doubt that it will overcome any hurdle some miscreants may wish to throw at it and come out even more shinning and ever stronger living up to its principle. Let there be no doubt that Good Ole USA will successfully triumph over any demon who will try to send its soul asunder. That Shall Never Happen! Mark My Word For It!!!!!

  3. QUOTE: It brought tears to my eyes when I saw leaders of both parties including the outgoing Vice President savoring this moment of Peaceful Transfer of Power. UNQUOTE Ittu Aba Farda
    January 20, 2021

    Very Short Commentary.
    “it brought tears to my eyes” too, especially when I, mentally, dwelled on the opposite phenomenon — posing a question to myself of WHY > WHY > WHY and brought even more tears flowing down my cheeks. WHY ARE WE AS WE ARE???


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