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Guzo Adwa —1,120 kilometers trekking 8th round kicked off

Guzo Adwa travelers got official send off from Addis Ababa City Administration. They will arrive in about two months 

Guzo Adwa _ 8th
Guzo Adwa team leaving the capital Addis Ababa (photo :screenshot from video)

January 19, 2021 

A group of 120 people, mostly young Ethiopians, on Sunday started trekking to Adwa from Addis Ababa. Initiated by a visionary young man, Yared Shumete, and his friends, Guzo Adwa is a yearly trekking, sort of pilgrimage to the glorious history of Ethiopia, to Adwa — in Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

It is organized as part of the commemoration of Ethiopia’s decisive victory over the invading Italian colonial army on March 2, 1896. 

The distance covers well over 1,120 kilometers. Members of the group travelling in this round of the trek are drawn from different parts of Ethiopia.  

The symbolism is that Ethiopians from different parts of the country travelled to Adwa with the leadership of their respective leaders to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty and independence against Italian colonizers. 

Guzo Adwa has got a 2,000,000 birr reward from Addis Ababa City whose Mayor, Adanech Abiebie, was part of a send-off ceremony organized this past Sunday.

This year, Ethiopia will be celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Adwa victory. It will take members of the group trekking to the scene about two months to  reach there — and they will arrive exactly on the day when the battle took place. 

Guzo Adwa this year is not like the previous seven trips as there has been a military operation in the region after the Ethiopian Defense Force was attacked by TPLF forces on November 4, 2021. 

However, the group is optimistic that they would not be affected by the security situation.  They will get receptions as they pass through different cities between Addis Ababa and Adwa. 

About 20 of the travelers this year are said to be women. 

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  1. Fantastic!!!
    Respecting ONE’S History is TRULY RESPECTING THYSELF, thus a FOUNDATION for a MEANINGFUL development for ETHIOPIA in particular; but, in general, a good Example for OUR DEAR AFRICA. IT IS A RESTORATION of THYSELF that was battered for centuries by colonial marauders who killed the DIGNITY of BLACK AFRICANS for their own benefit!!!

    To repeat: Black African Human Beings of a Continent is destroyed for the BENEFIT of the Caucasian Race. It means the African Black Race is not considered as Human Creatures. It is time for African Leaders [ALL of them] to come out from their DEGRADING POSTURE and help their African Brethren for the benefit of Africans. and Africa.

    DEAR AFRICANS: LOOK AROUND and the time is way overdo for us to realize where we have been lead into. Isn’t it time for us to control our future DESTINY?

    To the Management of BORKENA: THANK YOU, IMMENSELY for the invaluable effort that you are making, through the provision of publication of varied subject matters. The rest is up to us African Readers to pick-up the “food” and “eat” for our ‘nourishment and strength’ to lead our LIFE in our own way, for our own development. and benefit.

  2. keep on brain washing and telling fabricated stories of Adwa to your children. Amhara had never been will never be a victorious. However, amhara soldiers are known to be losers, coward killers of women and children in the churchyard.


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