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Ethiopia : Addis Ababa police made over 200 arrests as Timket is celebrated

Addis Ababa police hailed the youth groups who cooperated with police and other law enforcement bodies in the city

Addis Ababa Police

January 19, 2021 

Addis Ababa Police said on Tuesday that it has foiled what it called planned crime during the Timkat (epiphany) celebration in the city. 

It was said that 205 alleged suspects are arrested, and currently under investigation. Police also said that the suspects prepared three vehicles without proper documentation. Police shared pictures of three vehicles which it said was prepared for the crime. 

The arrest was made based on tips from community members, according to Addis Ababa Police. 

“For all residents of Addis Ababa who took the peace of the city as their duty and collaborated with the commission, heartfelt gratitude is extended,” said the update from Addis Ababa Police commission.  The public is reminded to continue to tip police with the numbers 991 or 0111 11 01 11. Youth groups in the city reportedly coordinated with law enforcement bodies (Addis Ababa police and Federal police) to ensure that Ethiopia’s one of most colorful religious and cultural holidays — Timakt —is celebrated peacefully.  

Furthermore, Addis Ababa Police announced that over 300 other suspects were arrested in the ten sub-cities of the city. They were said to have a plan to create violence on the occasion of Epiphany celebration.  Police said it has seized a handgun with no license. 

Other than that, police reported that there was no major security incident in the capital Addis Ababa two out the two days long celebration.The main celebration in the city, as has always been the case, was in Jan Meda in the vicinity of Siddist kilo. 

No security incident is reported across Ethiopia in connection with this year’s celebration of Epiphany. 

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