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Over 3 mln. People depend on food aid in Amhara region

Natural and man made reduced over 3 million people in Amhara region dependent on food aid

Amhara region _ food aid _ Zelallem
Zelalem Lijalem, Disaster prevention commissioner in the region ( Photo credit : DW Amharic)

January 15, 2021 

Over three million depend on monthly food aid in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, Amhara Region Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program Coordination Commission said. 

DW Amharic service on Friday,  cited the region’s commissioner — Zelalem Lijalem —  to report that the three million people displaced due to man made and natural disasters get monthly food rations.

This year alone about 48,000 ethnic Amhara are displaced from Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia following a series of massacres are residing in shelters organized in Awi zone, the Amhara regional state. 

Over 65,000 people from Maikadra (where there was a massacre of ethnic Amhara orchestrated by TPLF forces in early November 2020), Dansha and Humera who used to depend on subsistence retail are getting the good aid from the region too, according to the report by DW Amharic. 

According to the commissioner, there are also those who were displaced due to the law enforcement campaign in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Before the 2013 Ethiopian calendar ( before 2020/21), there were over 159 thousand people who were displaced due to ethnic-based violence. 

Natural disasters in the region have also reduced hundreds of thousands of people, who were otherwise productive and self-reliant,  to a situation where they cannot live without a monthly food aid.  Locust invasion and land sliding, among other natural causes, led about 781,000 people to rely on food aid. 

Soil depletion in the region is another natural cause that is affecting farming communities. As a result, over 1.8 million farmers in the region   have become dependent on monthly food aid. 

According to commissioner Zelalem, over three million people get 413,000 quintal of cereal crops. 

Furthermore, the DW Amharic report said that those who depend on food aid are complaining that they do not have means to cook the food they are given as they were displaced without essentials — about which the regional authorities are having conversation with the Federal authorities. 

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