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TPLF Nazis are guilty of multiple counts of treason (by Debru Negash-MD)

“TPLF imposed an apartheid constitution, which divided  Ethiopians along spurious ethnic lines & has pitted one  linguistic group against another.”

Debru Negash _ TPLF article

by Debru Negash (MD)
January 13, 2021

The clamour in some circles, such as the many ball-point  mercenaries, lobbyist and misguided UN agencies who are ruffled  over the arrest of TPLF Nazis, is somewhat bewildering. The fact is, nobody uttered a word while the TPLF was committing the most  heinous crimes including multiple counts of treason and genocides  with impunity for nearly three decades. Indeed, those in the highest  echelon of the current Ethiopian government including the premier, an Adolph Eichmann of our time, have reasons to shiver to their  marrow at the prospect of facing justice along with their erstwhile  Nazi masters. The Tigrean Nazis, are not unlike the Nazi proper or  the members of the German National Socialist party. Indeed, both believed in racial hierarchy, in which they respectively assumed  supreme positions

Treason is defined as intentionally betraying one’s allegiance by  levying war against the government or giving aid to its enemies.  Not only is treason considered the worst of all crimes, but also the  most serious offence one can commit against a government. It is  punishable by death or imprisonment. 

The TPLF Nazis, too had embarked on an extra-ordinary mission to  ‘definitively deal with Amharas’, quite akin to Naizi German’s concept of what was dubbed the ‘’ final solution to the Jewish  question ’’. The latter was an elaborate plan, to rid Europe off Jews. Indeed, the Nazis exterminated over 6 million innocent Jews. TPLF’s  unabashed declared intention to wipe out over 40 million Amaras, might have been too ambitious. To their credit, it is no small feat  that TPLF and its partners in the brutal genocide, the Oromo  Liberation, OLF, have managed to decimate some 7 million Amaras  in just under 30 years. Besides, thousands of innocent Somalis, Anuaks, Gammos, Geddos, Konsos etc who were made objects of TPLF/OLF violent attention, were massacred in cold blood. The  ongoing genocide targeting Amaras hasn’t relented since Abiy  Ahmed came to the fore. He has quietly sanctioned spates of  massacres of unarmed Amaras living in his constituency, in a bid to  surpass his Tigrean predecessors in total Amara body count. But by  the grace of the Almighty, their marvelled fortitude and resilience, Amharas will certainly outlast the enemy. 

The catalogues of TPLF’s treasonous crimes include the following:  

1. It had fought alongside secessionist Eritreans for 17 years. 

2. TPLF troops had spearheaded Somalia’s war of aggression on  Ethiopia in which hundreds of thousands perished. 

3. TPLF maliciously rendered Ethiopia land-locked by ceding its sovereignty over the port of Assab to Eritrea, illegally. 

4. TPLF dismantled the once glorious Ethiopian national armed  forces which was built over a period of century. After  decommissioning the institution, TPLF murdered, incarcerated  and dehumanized thousands of former Ethiopian army  officers for having defended the sovereignty of their country.  It destroyed its institutional memory and supplanted it with  ragtag Tigres who were inimical towards everything Ethiopian.

5. TPLF imposed an apartheid constitution, which divided  Ethiopians along spurious ethnic lines & has pitted one  linguistic group against another. Abiy defends this atrocious  document which is the main cause of the current bloodletting in the country. He has sanctioned the genocide in all his  constituencies, ostensibly to create an Oromo state that is free  of indigenous Ethiopians.  

6. The horrendous attack which the TPLF unleashed on fellow  Ethiopian soldiers of the Northern command based in Tigrai, is  perhaps the vilest act of treason in recorded history. In the  dead of the night, Tigrean soldiers committed a pre-meditated  massacre of thousands of non-Tigrean colleagues, while the latter were asleep.

They gunned down the men while the  women soldiers had their breasts slashed before their bodies  were riddled with machine-gun fire. Near another military  post, Mai Kadra, the treacherous TPLF troops waged a gory  massacre that claimed the lives of over 2, 300 unarmed Amara  civilians before the culprits crossed over to the Sudan. It is  therefore, fitting that justice has been served in the last  couple of days when some of the belligerent TPLF Nazis were  buried in the rubble of their trenches while attempting to  escape justice. 

What Ethiopians seek is justice, not revenge. This is a plea to  all patriotic Ethiopians across the world to fight in unison so  that the TPLF and their accomplices, the OLF stand trial without any interference from the premier and his ilk. Abiy  Ahmed, is an unrepentant ethno-fascist villain. Yes, the  disguised terrorist is, inimical to the interests of Ethiopia. He  makes no secret about his hostility towards the ancient  Ethiopian religions, namely the Orthodox Church and Islam. Worse still, the felon has so much blood on his hands.  

The writer, a former UN medical advisor, had 52 unarmed  relatives of his, brutally massacred at the hands of Oromo  Liberation Front, OLF.

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