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Campaign to Promote Ethiopia in themes trending under #RisingEthiopia

Rising Ethiopia

December 31, 2020 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia launches a two-month-long social media campaign today (December 30), trending under the phrase #RisingEthiopia and targeting all Ethiopians and those of Ethiopian origin.

The campaign aims to promote the good qualities of Ethiopia and assuage the effects of the misguided media narrative that dominated the air for the last couple of months.

Besides mobilizing Ethiopians living abroad for a common good, the campaign will also introduce Ethiopian investment potential to the international community and build up Ethiopia as an emerging tourism destination.

Key themes will anchor the campaign in different phases, including #Tourism, Culture, #DiasporaBusiness, Investment, and flagship projects and charities.

The first phase of the campaign (December 30-January 24) will start today with a webinar discussion and showcase Ethiopia’s Tourism potential and attractions in various activities.

The final phase of the campaign (EthiopiaGiving Week) will mobilize the public to raise funds for some flagship projects, including the GERD and charity causes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will run the campaign in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Tourism Ethiopia, Ethiopian Investment Commission, concerned individuals, all Ethiopians, and media outlets.

Note: We are live streaming today’s online opening discussion of the campaign via our Amharic and English language Facebook pages.

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  1. Ithiopia will disintegrate if it resumes its old fashion of government that ithiopian communities had no equal rights in many yrs,some communities were treated as slaves while others were masters like Amhara community

  2. ETHIOPIAN DIASPORA TRUST FUND (EDTF) CURRENTLY ACCEPTED MORE THAN A THOUSAND NOMINATIONS FOR IT’S DIRECTOR POSITION. Choosing one person out of these thousand candidates will be made by mail in vote .

    The new director is expected to rise the diasporas participation in Ethiopia to a whole new level.

  3. end to ethinic fedarlaism , so that we amhara could lead the entire nation being disguised what a nice dream did abiy lend you his bedsheet for you to dream like that ? keep on dreaming bro

    ethiopia is dead and will not resurrect , trust us!

  4. Ethiopia needs more schools who teach children and adults how to be a camera person. Ethiopia needs amateur camera persons everywhere. Ethiopia needs brave, volunteer, good-samaritan, amateur, camera picture and video recording traditions.


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