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Darfur :UN Security Council ended United Nations–African Union Mission

Darfur Mission _ Ethiopia

December 31, 2020 

In a statement released on December 30, the United Nations announced that the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to end the United Nations–African Union Mission in Darfur.  

“This latest decision of the Security Council means that Thursday 31 December will mark the end of UNAMID’s mandated operations in Darfur. The last patrols, programmatic and other mandated tasks will take place on the same day,” said the statement by the UN. 

The next order of business is drawdown including repatriation of troops which is expected to take place in the next six months. 

It was said that the “… process should result in the withdrawal of all uniformed and civilian personnel from Sudan by 30 June 2021, except for a liquidation team that will finalise any residual issues and complete the administrative closure of UNAMID,” 

Ethiopian troops have been part of the peacekeeping mission Darfur for a long time.  The mission lasted for thirteen years. 

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  1. QUOTE: “The mission lasted for thirteen years.” UNQUOTE

    And what did it achieve for the benefit of the local population? NOTHING
    Why was the “mission’ established on the first place?
    And so the miserable existence of those who were supposed to be helped will keep on going as the beneficiaries, out of poor backward people, must live a tranquil LIFE. It is a CRUEL UN WORLD.

  2. It is great news for the people of that region. Finally they may be getting the much needed respite from wanton violence that needed intervention by the UN. I wish them success.

    In the meantime, I want to bring something that might have not been on the radar of my dear countrymen/women who have made Good Ole USA their home like me and my family. The current political environment is something of a concern to me lately. I am aware of the fact that every election season has been somewhat a charged up atmosphere in the past but this one is unique in its intensity. Those of you who were here during the weeks and months following the Watergate scandal would remember how the crisis reached to a level of a nightmare. But the country had found ways to resolve the crisis peacefully. I hope and pray it will find ways once again to defuse the current tense political environment wisely and peacefully. My concern is there is a substantial size in the society which feels threatened and now disfranchised. The days between now and the inauguration day are something to watch very carefully. Many among 74 million voters think and strongly believe they were cheated at the ballot box without any factual evidence. What really concerns me is this call by some elected officials for violence in the streets. I never heard of such reckless remark by elected officials before. As I have mentioned many times before in every society there are always some people who lack the sophistication and calm nerves to look through what they hear or read. All it needs just one lone wolf so roused up to do harm to others. So, please pay attention and stay tuned with the latest news. I am confident that the very capable folks at FBI are watchful to keep us all safe. We have to support them in their blessed efforts. If we see or hear something harmful then we should say something about it. Above all let’s hope and pray that peace will prevail and January 20 will be just as the same as those in the past: Peaceful inauguration!!!


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