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Agitu Gudeta, Ethiopian businesswomen in Italy, found dead in her apartment

The life of Agitu Gudeta, Ethiopian Immigrant and successful small-scale farming business in Italy,  is reportedly taken away by her employee. 

Agitu Gudeta _ Italy
The late Agitu Gudeta (Photo: screenshot from DW video)

December 30, 2020 

Agitu Gudeta, Ethiopian businesswoman, was found Tuesday dead in her apartment in  Frassilongo ,the Mocheni Valley,Italy. 

Her body was found in her bedroom on Thursday in the afternoon.  Adams Suleimani, said to be originally from Ghana, whom she rehired about two months ago to take care of goat grazing is said to be behind her murder,according to a report by La Republica, an Italian daily newspaper.

Carabinieri ,Italian paramilitary police, stopped the suspect in the evening for an  investigation which was led by the provincial commander Michele Capurso.

He reportedly confessed that he hammered her to death first after hitting her four or five times, and committed sexual violence after her body was lying on the floor of her bedroom. “The man admitted his guilt during the interrogation in front of the police and the magistrate,” said the report by La Repubblica. 

His confession is said to be consistent with the findings from a police investigation.

He is currently in prison in Trento. 

He is said to have told police that there was discussion about unpaid monthly salary.  

Agitu Gudeta was seen as a role model for the integration of immigrants and as an environmentalist. 

Originally from Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, the forty-two years old woman had a farming business in the small Ethiopian community of about 2000 people.  She was raising goats and making goat cheese.  

Before immigrating to Italy, she was in the country as a student and had studied sociology.  She immigrated to Italy as a refugee in 2010. 

It is unclear if her body will be flown to Ethiopia for burial. 

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    OUR World is full of sadness
    We have no choice but to tolerate with acceptance
    Here was a Lady with successful undertakings, outside her country, but cut short and murdered.

  2. I had read the uplifting story of this countrywoman a few years and I was very pleased by what she was able to accomplish as a refugee. I am very crestfallen now by this horrible news. May She Rest In Eternal Peace!!!!

  3. What a sad story.

    I have read her story some years ago and that had brought a rare joyful reading about immigration in Europe.

    I an shell-shocked to know this courageous woman is killed in such a brutal manner. She passed away but her story is an inspiration – dare to achieve, work hard, follow your passion…. and, and be very careful!

    RIP, sister Agitu


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