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Tamrat Layne says no distinction between TPLF and Prosperity Party

Oromo forces are wilding hegemony within Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party : Tamrat Layne

Tamrat Layne _ Prosperity Party

December 28, 2020 

Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Tamrat Layne said that he does not agree with the Prosperity Party. He cited a number of reasons as to why he lost faith in the party — a party that was established in November 2019 after four major parties of the now defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPDRF) and four other support parties merged under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

In an interview with Abbay media over the weekend, Tamrat  Layne said that the party was established in a rush — without extensive consultation. 

According to him, political cadres from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed were sent to Bahir Dar, the seat of Amhara regional state, to engage over two thousand cadres in the region. The idea to merge the parties met with resistance from the cadres in the region, said Tramrat who said he was in the city at the time for personal reasons. The cadres were convinced at the time in light of the prospect of a political advantage that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) would garner from the situation. 

For him, the Prosperity Party is not much different from EPRDF under the domination of TPLF. The latter’s hegemony is now replaced with Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) within the Prosperity Party.  

In fact, there are other political groups that seem to support Tamrat Layne’s position relating to the power of what used to be OPDO in the current power arrangement within the Prosperity Party.  There is accusation that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s political base, OPDO, is working on an expansionist and domination agenda. The massacre in Oromo region, Benishangul Gumuz region and South Ethiopia is now increasingly being seen as part of the Oromo region Prosperity Party expansionist agenda. 

Tamrat Layene was the leader of what later became Amhara National Democratic Movement — an ethnic party after the former Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement (EPDM) was rebranded under influence after 1991 under influence from TPLF. 

Tamrat Layne’s critics reject his opinion mostly considering his political involvement under the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government — not on grounds of his view of the current Prosperity Party Politics. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado. 

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  1. O boy!!! All I can say is, O boy!!!! The prevailing conviction is that if the goons of the TPLF did not muster tour guides from the Amhara and Oromia regions they could have been still counting stars in those forsaken joints in their own hood!!! Who gave them that luck of the Irish tour guides from these regions? Who? There must be a proven answer for this cardinal question. I’ll let you good folks answer it. I also read about some people one caught dipping their sticky fingers in the nation’s coffers and apologized for it in front of the parliament. He should also be asked what he did/does know about his former comrades-in-arm who were captured by his army of the EPRDF and made disappear without a trace. They were prisoners of war and even if they were seen as ordinary citizen of the country they should have charged and tried in the court of law, not just make them disappear. Obbo Gebru Asrat had told us about the terrible fate befallen those prisoners. What did he and his friends do with them? Apparently they were taken out and summarily executed. And that is against the Geneva Convention that qualifies for crimes against humanity. If he is really genuine about his contrition he should come out level with the rest of us. He must have at least heard about it. That a very serious crime. That was under the watchful eyes of others who promised us with ‘No democracy, no financial aid!’ lie. I know those victims were diehard commies but they had the inviolable rights to due process in the courts of law like everyone else entitled to it. With his former comrades as their first course on the dinner table, the despots he was associated with(minus his time in prison) continued to grievously kill, maim, jail and throw others in exiles for more than agonizing 27 years until they grievously answered for it just a few weeks ago. As a person of The Holy Scriptures he should come clean on all of this.


    Is this the famous co-partner of Meles Zenawi who was down from power because, as the incisive Meles Zenawi put it, “ሱካር ኣሸነፈዉ“ ?

    I am sincere with my question. I have never seen the gentleman, only read about his romanticism. Yes or No is enough for me.

  3. The reminiscence of a hardcore TPLF leadership junta who has lots of blood on his hands, one of the most notorious conspirator, who promised his handlers like Herman Cohen to fracture, disintegrate Ethiopia once and for all. Tamrat Lyne, as I am typing his name I shivered, and felt dizziness.
    Can you imagine, he lives in America freely, after he committed so much crimes and terrorized the entire nation of Ethiopia, it’s like allowing the terrorist leader the late Binladen, to live in Ethiopia freely after causing the 9/11 terrorism act, but the terrorist Tamrat Lyne the Ethiopian born Binladen lives freely in the land of America, whats wrong with this picture? Thanks to the Ethiopian hater Herman Cohen the degenerate. I will never forget Tamrat Lyne’s speech to the residences of Harar city, right after his terrorist thugs took over the country, this is exactly what he said.” ሽርጣም: እያለ: ሲሠድብህ: የነበር: አማራ: ጎረቤትህ: ነው: አሁን: ታዲያ: ዝም: ብለህ: ታየዋለህ: ሲጨቁንህም: የነበረ: ነው”::
    That was the time where Amhara descendant pregnant women fetus was ripped out off their stomachs, and many…many innocent lives of men, women, children, young and old perished. I cannot go on, I have to stop, talking about Tamrat Lyne, the Adolf Hitler of Ethiopia.

  4. That must be a different Tamrat, y’all!! Does anyone here know if the BBC retracted that report? This Man of The Holy Scriptures should be ever thankful to The Almighty that his former callous comrades did not take him to the gallows. If I were him I would keep quiet to count my blessings and stay busy munching down that choice fillet mignon on my dinner plate every night. Otherwise it is going to be waking up a sleeping giant, a rattled up bear. You see, the parents and loved ones of those peaceful demonstrators who were brutally cut down in the streets of Addis/Finfine in 1991 and 1993 are still crying rivers. Their only crime was asking for their participating in a referendum along with their Eritrean brothers and sisters. Who was in the kitchen at Arat Kilo that day? The late PM Meles alone? That ain’t gonna fly, bud, cuz he is not here anymore to defend himself. Who sent those murderous soldiers with the only toy they knew: the AK47? I did not make this up since it is in the Washington Post and The New York Times archives. They were mowed down because they chanted ‘One Ethiopia’. They were noisy but which demonstration was not noisy in the history of protests by mankind? That was in 1991 with every cook in the kitchen at the big house!!! Parents and loved ones of those ruthlessly cut down that day are still wailing for and mourning their losses. Those were Allah Blessed and intricately created human souls. But that is the value human life over there, I think. That gem of the colored, that Almighty referenced country, has made it a norm for her citizens since 1974 to just wipe your tears and mourn the rest of your lives the loss of your loved ones with the perpetrators thumbing their noses at you until you die!!! So what? Your children deserved to be shot dead between the eyes? Why? Cuz they were very loud and noise polluters!!! 60 of your parents and uncles were taken out in a dead of a night in 1974 and mowed down denied of their last rites with some of them buried still alive. Why? Cuz they were former government officials. More than 200 of your children were cut down in broad daylight. Why? Cuz they were protesting a stolen and rigged election in 1995 and 2005. You and your loved ones can be killed by the power that be and you are guaranteed the ‘rights’ those citizens of the Western countries are denied: Injustice!!! What are complaining about? The word justice’ does not even exist in your dictionary, for crying out loud!!! Shut up!!! Go in your corner and keep wailing for the loss of your loved ones in the country of Ethiopia known as such since 1974. Keep crying!!! Who cares?

    • This opening paragraph was mistakenly left out by me when I posted the above comment:

      Whose deposit was that US8million dollars the Swiss authorities returned to Ethiopia in the late 1990’s? I remember reading the following on the BBC Africa News in 2003 that told the story as:

      ‘In 1998 the authorities in Switzerland announced the return of $8m to the Ethiopian Government deposited by Mr Tamirat.’

    NOW I KNOW WHO Tamrat Layne is?!?!
    I am just like the legendary ‘Van Winkle’ who woke up after twenty years of sleep!!!
    I am also “BORN LUCKY” as my colleague [bless his soul] said it, to all our friends, a long, long, long time ago, I was spared from “HELL” never to return back.
    Ethiopia did NOT, does NOT, and should NOT deserve that ‘esate gomera’.
    Amen – Inshallah to its future.

  6. We can say this then: Tamrat has no distinction with TPLF hence by default Tamrat is PP. But the truth of the matter is that TPLF and PP are starkly different hence Tamrat, the sugar thief, is not fit for PP. End of the story. Actually Tamrat should join Jawar in Kaliti. Thanks

  7. Extremely harsh, sad, painful reminder of misery, death and fore what seems to be, an endless killings, mowing, murdering of the elites ( university students, former government officials) including His Excellency, his Majesty Haile Selassie, regardless of what he did, did he deserve to be killed in a way he was killed, in such disrespectful manner, that’s exactly when Ethiopia was being disrespected by the global community fore it’s savagery, as suppose to being a great ancient civilization and the cradle of humanity.
    Ever since the 1974 overthrow of His Majesty Haile Selassie, Ethiopia became the killing field of it’s own citizens , and a mass grave, disparities as well as the most marginalized country in the whole world, not to mention the self hatred, the disenchantment, the identity crisis etc. and therefore the TPLF to which Tamrat Lyne belonged to, at the top of the TPLF leadership position managed to be an actor of, to the darkest history of our mother land ETHIOPIA, in which I held Tamrat Layne as one of the worst enemies of beloved ETHIOPIA, from within.
    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  8. Subject: “Tamrat Layne says no distinction between TPLF and Prosperity Party, 29 Dec 2020”,

    Commentary, 30 Dec 2020
    Now, I know the fellow who is in Colorado. It took a long time for me to dissect who is who.
    So, the famous infamous, fellow is in Denver, Colorado, USA in tranquility, enjoying democracy, freedom, liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness, according to individual’s desire. He denied those quality of Life when he was the absolute dictator of an innocent country, which tried to accommodate ALL from various ethnicities.

    Amazing!!! Such people have double skin, devoid of any humain sensitivity. And yet, here he is in a tranquil country where JUSTICE seems not to reach him for his wanton cruelty and murder of so many innocent people in his birth country. IT IS NOT FAIR. It is also a monumental insult to the United States of America for being a sanctuary to a person involved in the liquidation of honest human beings in the Land of Righteousness and Lawfulness!!! Is this the AMERICA that the WORLD knows? A sanctuary for criminals? The Fathers of the United States of America for fairness, equality, liberty, decency and advocacy for the dignity of human beings may turn in their graves. But it is NOT too late. America is still in a position to CLEAN its HOUSE, as necessary. WE SHALL SEE the sensitivity and fairness of good old USA — the sanctuary of various human beings from around the Globe. The Statue of Liberty of America, situated at the Gate of America, was NEVER intended as a sanctuary for criminals. May JUSTICE PREVAIL (anywhere), no matter of the longevity.. THE END

  9. It’s at most exacerbating to witness Tamrat Lyne’s tenacity and his audacity trying to reinsert himself in this current Ethiopia’s political affairs, shooting his mouth from afar, to hopefully get some sort of attention from the vast majority of the diaspora especially, the American based diaspora and of course from the diaspora around the world as well, as if the generation that, he alienated, brutally murdered and marginalized is passed on in to the graves, how odd! Not so fast! The majority of that generation is well and alive, thank you GOD, and definitely has not forgotten who Tamrat Lyne is, period end of the story. May the good Lord forgive me for my judgmental views and opinions, this man must not have any sort of rumors, anxiety and or, sorrow, for what he has done.

  10. The old dads of TPLF who looted Ethiopian money, deposited abroad at Swiss Bank and later returned half, around 8Million USD, to TPLF wont condemn Abiy, the current reformists! He’s one of the Juntas, and he doesn’t have the morale to speak and comment at all. “Jib bemayawukut hager hedo….alu…”


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