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‘The Cult of Victimization’ in Ethiopian Ethnic Politics: the subjection of Amharas to triple-victimhood

Girma Berhanu _ Ethiopia _ Ethiopian Politics article
Girma Berhanu (Professor)

By Girma Berhanu
December 27, 2020

Point of Departure

            Death toll in western Ethiopia ‘massacre’ reaches 207: Red Cross (25 Dec 2020)[1]

At the time of writing this short article on Victim Play in the new Ethiopian politics, again some 200 plus of the Amhara and other minority groups had been slaughtered in the Benishangul region, merely several hours after the prime minister of Ethiopia had left the area apparently due to security-related matters[2]. ‘The assailants torched the homes of sleeping villagers, and shot and stabbed people in Wednesday’s attack. The attack came a day after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the region. It is unclear who the attackers were, but they appeared to have targeted ethnic minority communities viewed as “settlers” in the region, Rights group Amnesty International said[3], ​ “At least 100 deaths have been reported so far. With dozens still unaccounted for and homes still ablaze, the death toll is likely to rise and there must be an urgent investigation into this horrendous attack. Perpetrators must be brought to justice and the Ethiopian authorities must make clear that this kind of violence will not be tolerated” (ibid).

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Author Contact Information:
Girma Berhanu
Department of Education and Special Education (Professor)
University of Gothenburg
Box 300, SE 405 30
Göteborg, Sweden

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