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Ethiopia : Metekel massacre Death toll reaches over 207, fresh attack reported

  • Humanitarian help has not yet reached to those displaced from displaced due to the massacre in Metekel 
  • The region’s peace and security building office confirmed that there was another attack on Friday in Debate District, Siren kebele. 
Ethiopia _ Metekel _ Benishangul Gumuz
Google map of Benishangul region of Ethiopia

December 25, 2020 

Death tolls from the December 23 massacre of innocent civilians in Bulun district of Metekel, Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia, reportedly reached over 207. 

The victims were buried in a mass grave — in a very dehumanizing condition something that is drawing a serious criticism against the Ethiopian government.  A picture purportedly showing the funeral was circulating on social media since Friday morning. 

Apart from those killed in the massacre, dozens are said to be in hospital getting medical attention for serious injuries. 

The survivors who managed to escape the area unharmed are living a different challenge. More than 35,000 people are displaced due to the attack in Bullen, and they are not getting any form of humanitarian assistance. State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, reported about it on Friday. 

Ethiopian Ombudsman office confirmed that the massacre were ethnic based. Ethnic Amhara, Oromoa and Shinasha were targeted in the attack according to Ethiopian Human Rights Commission report.  

The brutal attack happened less than 24 hours after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Metekel zone to engage concerns of residents on security matters. 

The regional government claimed on Thursday that 42 anti-peace forces who are said to be involved in the massacre are killed, as reported by state media. An unspecified number of firearms had been seized. 

According to a state media report on Thursday, seven senior government officials from the region are arrested in connection with the massacre.  They are believed to have facilitated the attack directly or indirectly. 

There are also reports Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, General Berhanu Jula, and Commander of Raya Front during the law enforcement campaign against TPLF criminals, Let. General Bacha Debelle, travelled to Benishangul Gumuz region. It has something to do with security operations in the region but the Defense Force did not confirm it. 

Unconfirmed citizen report  says that the president of the region, Ashadly Hassan, is under house arrest. His guards are dissolved. Head of the Metekel zone and leader of Command Post, Colonel Ayalew, are also detained — all yet to be confirmed. There had been a widespread criticism that the region’s president did little to control the recurring ethnic-based massacres in the region. Several regional states including, Afar, Somali and Harari — among others — condemned the attack against innocent civilians in the Benishangul Gumuz region. 

Massacre of civilians is not entirely stopped. The Amharic Service of the Voice of America reported a fresh attack on Siren locality of Debate district which happened on December 25. The region’s peace and Security office has confirmed the attack. However, the extent of casualties is unspecified yet. “It is under investigation,” the office was cited as saying.  

Houses have been burned and there was gunfire, Gashu Dugas, head of the region’s Peace and Security Office, told VOA Amharic.  The attackers are said to be Gumuz gunmen. 

There are still speculations that the massacres in the region are coordinated with external forces hostile to the existence of Ethiopia. 

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  1. The GERD project evicted from their ancestoral lands with no compensation given to numerous Ethiopians who lived for generations around the area of the proposed reservoir rendering them wirh no place to go.
    These evicted people lost their farms and their residences left to live in jungles with wild animals. To their surprise they see Chinese and light skinned Ethiopians settling in their ancestoral lands . After suffering eviction from their ancestoral land they survived eating bushes in the forests same as the wild animals do eat bushes in the forests , but now they are not even able to eat these plants in the
    forests becausee the first round initial filling of the GERD reservoir had flooded these plant materials in the wild leading to death and decomposition of these plant materials which were the only remaining source of food for those who got evicted from their ancestoral lands making them housing ideal to get recruited by anyone who provides them food and a sense of hope to settle in a land and live like they did for generations until they got evicted making way for the GERD. Unless this illegal eviction and hunger is addressed properly both by regional and federal government of Ethiopia, the country will suffer huge destruction not one GERD but a hundred more projects like GERD will not be worth it. A hungry malnutritioned children with flies insects all over their faces did not agree electricity was worth sacrificing . Bread is given in Oromia/Addis Ababa with free meals given in schools for every child in Addis Ababa and Oromia but when it comes to the evicted around the reservoir near the GERD project nothing is given. The environmental impact of the GERD in Ethiopia needs to be elaborated deeply, with Ethiopia creating an Environmental Protection Ministry , having a Peace Ministry without an Environmental Protection Ministry is useless.

  2. This region must be under a martial law indefinitely until these goons who commit barbaric massacres of civilians. This is too much and ignored for too long. It is reported that members of parliament are hoping mad about it and I don’t blame them. I think during the next election the country needs someone who will built upon what has been achieved since 2018 and who will take decisive law enforcing steps on bigots and their thugs at the sight of the first incidence. No, no, this is just too much. I know and understand peace must be given the chance but not at out of control sacrifice of innocent civilians. I understand now that the military has somewhat cleansed of the Sebhat Nega’s prodigies and so are the police and intelligence units. Now our brothers and sisters in Somalia and Afar regions are very upset on hearing this senseless carnage. This is not a regional but a national outrage. I am not trying to be over taken by raw emotion but I am getting tired and sickened by this unabated savagery. It is now being reported that the regional leaders of that region have recent history of talking to the now gone goons of the TPLF as late as the eve the northern command base was attacked. It is shown on their secret phone records. I think that is tantamount to treason and the law on the books should put to use to teach these brutes a lesson. Lock’em up and throw away the keys. No death penalty because it is against my personal conviction. But those who know their guns to be the only medium should be dealt with comparative medium. No, no, no, this is too much, man!!! Those victims did not bother anyone but minding their own business tending to their farms and raise family for crying out loud!!! The victims include Amharas, Oromos, local Shinashas and Agaws. Most of them are Amharas due to the fact that they moved there from their next door region.

    Ok bigots!!! One word out of you! One word out of you legitimizing this savagery or equating it to something of your choice. Burn in hell!!!!


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