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Eskinder Nega to appear in court again on April 7

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December 25, 2020 

Leader of the Baladera Party for Genuine Democracy, Eskinder Nega, on Friday appeared at a court in Lideta in the capital Addis Ababa. 

He appeared along with Sintayehu Chekol, Keleb Seyoum, Askale Demisew  and Getenet Bekele (who is released on bail). 

They all pleaded not guilty. Prosecutor told the court that it has evidence from witnesses and asked the court for the witnesses to giver their testimony. 

 And the court ruled for witnesses to give their testimonies on  April 7, 2021. For supporters of Eskinder Nega and activists, court decision to make Eskiner Nega wait for another four months in prison just to hear testimonials from witnesses is a politically motivated one.  

They see it as a plot to make Eskider Nega out of the upcoming election. There is high anticipation that  Eskiner will win election in Addis Ababa, at least, if he is allowed to run in the election.  The Electoral Board of Ethiopia announced on Friday that the next general election will take place in early June 2021 but candidates will have to register before that.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s’ government arrested him claiming that he planned ethnic and religion-based violence in the capital Addis Ababa following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa in late June. 

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  1. We could imagine those people killed by Abiy forces are Oromos, GUmuz, TIgray and other nonamhara tribes .

    Ethiopia is becoming hell for non amhara people while amhara are inciting violence on innocents and against themselves hoping to loot and expand their territories.Eritreans will pay the price for spying us being disguised as refugees , killing our children and looting our properties;


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