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Ethiopia, Sudan talking on the issue of returning Ethiopian Refugees

Entities with political and economic interest seeks Ethiopian refugees to continue to live in Sudan, says government 

Sudan, Ethiopia
Ambassador Dina Mufti (Photo : file/ENA)

December 22, 2020 

Ethiopia and Sudan are about to reach an agreement on the issues of returning Ethiopian refugees to their country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson disclosed on Tuesday. 

In a press briefing on current affairs, Ambassador Dina Mufti  — was posted to Egypt as Ethiopia’s top diplomat before he returned to Addis Ababa to take a spokesman role — said that there are entities with interest in long term stays of Ethiopians living in the refugee camps in Sudan. 

Ambassador Dina Mufti did not name names directly. 

He also remarked about the recent developments between Ethiopia and Sudan involving a border conflict. Ethiopia has strong relations with its neighbors, he said. However, he indicated that “it is possible that there are forces that are  working to exploit minor incidents as tools to achieve ill-intentioned motives.” 

Furthermore, he added that there is good will on the part of the leaders of the two countries to resolve the situation peacefully. 

Meanwhile, the Sudan tribune reported that “The Sudanese army on Monday expelled Ethiopian troops and militia from Salam Br area on the Sudanese side of the international border between the two countries.” 

A different story, however, emerges from the narratives  of Ethiopians along the Ethio-Sudan border. An investor engaged in agribusiness told Ethiopian Satellite Television on Monday that mechanized Sudanese forces entered up to 25 kilometers deep into the Ethiopian territories, and that at least 50 residents who were reportedly working the agribusiness were displaced.  

According to credible sources, Ethiopian troops in the area were moved to the Tigray region of Ethiopia following the TPLF attack on the Defense Force. The clash last week was between Ethiopian militia forces and the Sudanese troops.

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