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Addis Ababa- Khartoum railway project proposal presentation

Addis Ababa _ Khartoum Railway line
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December  18, 2020 

Ethiopian State Media, EBC, on Friday reported that the Addis Ababa—Khartoum railway project proposal is presented for discussion on Thursday. 

It is CPCS, Ottawa-based infrastructure consultation company, that prepared the feasibility study.  

In an explanation to the relevance of the railway line, the longest part of which will be in Sudan, Ethiopia’s Minister for Transport, Dagmawit Moges, tweeted on Thursday “Main objective of this project is to produce a BFS which demonstrates the socio-economic & political viability for the planned construction of a railway b/n Flag of Ethiopia & Flag of Sudan. The study corridor is a total estimated distance of 1512Km — estimated distance of 594km Flag of Ethiopia & 918 km in Flag of Sudan.” 

The leaders of the two countries have reportedly reached an agreement on the 1,522 kilometers long railway lines between their capitals. 

The Board of Directors of Development Bank of Africa has approved $1.2 million in funding for the feasibility study, as reported by EBC. 

Ethiopia and Sudan have been collaborating on a range of areas for over a decade now although there have been minor border clashes between militia forces from both countries. 

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  1. This is uplifting news. We, especially those of us the products the old Chemin de Fer, understand what that railway did to the countries of Djibouti and the old country. It has glued to the two countries economically in a way it is impossible to undo it. That is a country of less than a million people. Imagine what such railway linkage will bring about for a combined population of more than 180 million. The sky will be the limit. I am aware of the fact that the new electric railway line has been facing a number of setbacks that have bitten into its financials and most of the problems are not mechanical but bear human factors such as vandalism and fraudulent claims. I am sure the old railway must have had similar problems in its early days. It is in its history that it was even on the verge of being scrapped and the project was stranded at Dire Dawa for almost 20 years. But it was somehow revived and after it reached Addis/Finfine it became the sole factors to the founding of many booming towns along its line. Dire Dawa is the best example as the child of that rail way. Then came Adama, Bishoftu, Awash, Hurso, Asabot, Mieso, Erer, Aysha and many other smaller stations that were permanently settled after the railway was laid in place and began service. Millions have called those places their permanent homes since then. This one between Sudan and the old country will have even more and dramatic potential. Both these two countries have enough intellectual horsepower to make a miracle just like those Asian tiger economies. The difference is these two countries also have untapped natural resources. They already have a very strong cultural bondage. I am darn excited about this news. God Speed!!! Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. Where are the BBC, AFP, Reuters and what is the other BBC wannabe of the world on this positive news? I know where they are. They are busy compiling doomsday reports about the border fracas and the close to 3 million children starving to death in Tigray by the ‘Nobel Peace Laureate’s’ Schutzstaffel army he stole from Hitler’s Germany. They are extremely busy investigating the fact that all those massacred at Maykabra were all Tigrayans!! They are tied up with a more valuable report to prove to their distinguished audience Roger Rabbit and Bugs Bunny that it was not Debre who started the war but it was Isaias and Putin who started it all!!!! That is right! Putin was in Tigray and he was the one who fired the first shot. That rascal!!! Hayi-likethat?!!!!

  3. whay now ? are you afraid of Sudan ? Is it to strengthen the bilateral ties betwenn these two countries while amhara is driving them to war ? teyizahuhuwal atameltum ? afgfik weyinim tegegninet teyik memochah dersuwall

  4. Good project at this time it could help us to appease Sudan and stay where they are . If they advance and come to us we will cease to exist . Please help me . I tried to talk to INSA with the number they gave us , 09 43 47 13 36 or 012 5 50 43 48 , but no one is responding . I thank it is busy nombera
    Tikomaa lemestet neber 27 amet yeketeketunin enzihun asalife le mahibrekidusan lemestet neber

  5. I told you! I told you!!! BBC is looking nothing but to find dirt on the old country and they think they have found one. There was a sad incidence where unwitting homeless citizens found something they thought was valuable and they were tinkering with it. It happened to be an abandoned grenade. It exploded and killed a number of homeless people. That is now like huge breaking news on Tweedy Bird BBC. It went like Tweedy Bird always does. ‘I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat! I Did I Did I Taw a Puddy Tat’. This time the Addis police commissioner had stolen BBC’s thunder and given the number of casualties to be 3 people dead so BBC could not lie and fudge the number. If it was not reported by the commissioner himself I bet you the last penny I have BBC would have just pile up the casualty number to be astronomical. O AFP and Reuters? Forget about it. How about the other Wahhabi outfit, Al-Jaeda? We could have been shown photoshopped images from Afghanistan for this incidence.


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