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Sudanese PM claim his trip to Ethiopia was a success despite rumors he cut the visit short

Sudanese PM says he has achieved three key issues in his trip to Ethiopia on Sunday which is said to be cut short

Sudanese PM _ Ethiopia

December 14, 2020 

Samy Magdy, Cario based correspondent, reported to the Associated Press on Sunday that Sudanese Prime Minister Abdella Hamdok cut his working visit to Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed  indicated that his Sudanese counterpart was in Ethiopia for two days’ working visit when he wrote his status update on Facebook saying “I welcome my dear brother Dr. Abdalla Hamdok to #Ethiopia for a two-day working visit.” 

As it turns out, Ethiopian Prime Minister travelled to Mekelle on the same day to meet with commanders of Ethiopian Defense Force and Tigray region provisional administration. 

Sudanese Prime Minister returned to his country after a two hours stay in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, according to The Associated Press report. Although unclear why he had to cut his visit short, he claimed that his trip to Ethiopia was a success. 

Sudanese News Agency (SUNA) said on Monday that Mr. Hamdok had a press conference regarding this trip to Ethiopia, and that he claimed that it was a success. 

Despite rumors about a visit to Ethiopia that was cut short, he is cited as saying that he has achieved three key points in his trip. Ethiopia is to attend an emergency summit of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) whose current chairman is the Sudanese President himself. It is unclear why the emergency meeting-which will take place in Djibouti — is called. However, it is to be approved by heads of government of member states, according to the SUNA report. 

Mr. Hamdok also reportedly said Khartoum will host a meeting with Ethiopia on the issues of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and border between the two countries. 

He got a red carpet reception when he arrived in Ethiopia on Sunday, and was greeted by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed upon arrival at Bole International Airport. 

Sudan, a country that is now officially removed from the United State’s list of  “state sponsor of terror”, did have a positive relation with Ethiopia at least for over two decades now. The two countries had been discussing border issues through a joint border committee although there were sporadic skirmishes.   

Recently, there was a report by Aljazeera that Sudanese forces took control of Ethiopian land as the Ethiopian Defense Forces were battling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces in the northern part of the country. 

As many as 50,00 people are said to have been crossed to Sudan to seek refugee status in the country — which was said to be among an agenda item why the Sudanese Prime Minister Abdella Hamdok was in Ethiopia this past weekend.  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Sunday that Ethiopian will work to return Ethiopians who crossed the border after what his government called a law enforcement campaign against TPLF forces. The issue is part  of Tigray region’s provisional administration priority areas of action. 

Ethiopian government did not make any remarks at this writing why the Sudanese leader had to cut his visit short.  

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  1. You heard it from the horse’s mouth. The trip was a success. Full stop. End of story. He might have thought he can do some kind of mediation and found out that the ‘war’ is over. We should all remember that Sudanese authorities were/are with PM Abiy and his administration in this so-called war, a war that never took place besides the goons stealing and robbing army bases.

  2. we have stablished strong ties with Sudan soon after we gave our land to Sudan. Great generosity of Ethiopian during Abiy. We will remember him.


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