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Four aid workers killed in Tigray,two international humanitarian agencies claim

A Danish aid agency claims that three of its aid workers were killed in Tigray. International Rescue Committee (IRC) on its part claims that one aid worker was killed in the same region. The latter also called for an agreement “to an immediate ceasefire” between ”

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December 11, 2020

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) said three aid workers were killed in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. According to DRC, the workers were killed last month.

“The Danish Refugee Council is deeply saddened to confirm the death of three colleagues in Tigray Region, Ethiopia last month,” it said in an update published on its website on December 11 )

Furthermore, the DRC statement said that those killed were “colleagues — who worked as guards in one of our project sites.” Other than saying in “one of our project sites,” the statement unspecified the exact location of the incident or project site or the circumstances under which the guards were killed.

Families of the alleged victims are not reached due to “the lack of communications and ongoing insecurity in the region.” Still unclear is whether the victims are locals or expatriate workers.

Moreover, the statement did not say as to who is behind the killing. It seems that information is rather left for speculation : “DRC urges all parties to respect international humanitarian law, including the protection of both civilians and humanitarian aid workers. We extend our heartfelt condolences to all those affected.”

Meanwhile, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) reported that one of its staff was killed at the Hitsats Refugee Camp in Shire, Tigray region of Ethiopia. It is implied in the IRC report the victim is an in-country staff. Just like the case of the Danish Refugee Council report, the name of the victim and the date he was killed is unspecified. You may check information here :

On Thursday, Amnesty International published a press release saying “The Ethiopian authorities must allow unfettered international humanitarian aid to reach refugee camps in Tigray state.”

This week Ethiopian government announced that Humanitarian aid workers were shot as they tried to violate checkpoints to access areas they were not allowed to for safety reasons. But no death was reported in that incident.

Ethiopian government law enforcement campaign in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has been distorted and misrepresented in otherwise reputable international media outlets.

The Ethiopian government has already claimed that the campaign has entered its third phase after the army took control of Mekelle city. And the third phase involves hunting TPLF leaders who triggered the operation when they ordered an attack on the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4.

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  1. I am really curious
    Do the various international humanitarian groups, with so many names etc, flocking to the everlasting backward, beautiful, sunny, rich Continent REALLY help the unfortunate, wretched, down to earth, HONEST PEOPLE of that Continent?

    Or is it just like the passer-by who throws a penny to a beggar on the side-street, knowing full well THAT beggar will always be there as a beggar until nature takes its course of action. OH! MY BELOVED AFRICA!!!! CRY, CRY, CRY TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY FOR NOT HAVING A PENNY FOR YOUR OWN TEARS.

    In the mean time, the Renowned Africans who are UNIQUELY FAR-SIGHTED LEADERS ……………….never mind. I STOP here.

  2. selayoch nefsachewun adega lay yitilalu nefsachoon yimare yemhara tenkuwayoch tselleyoolachew

    pray for this aide workers ! very sad story!

  3. Most Ethiopians who work for the UN within Ethiopia are TPLF sympatizers, they consider themselves part of the elite group since they get good pay for the job they do for the UN. For decades they associated with TPLFites and became members of the EPRDF themselves because these Ethiopians who are employed by the UN are mostly not in touch with the reality on the ground in Ethiopia, they work with foreigners all day and at night entertain themselves at expensive bars and restaurants where the average Ethiopian cannot afford to go. Overtime they assimilated with EPRDF became Teodros Adhanom’s admirer . For the longest TPLF kept those Ethiopians who worked for the UN on a tight leash because TPLF knows these UN workers got relatively more access to the international community than other average Ethiopians . TPLF officials such as Arkebe Equbay for decades brainwashed the Ethiopians who worked for the UN into believing TPLF had the best interest for Ethiopians. Currently these Ethiopians employed by the UN are in disbelief , they feel that the Ethiopian Army is at fault because it is attacking TPLF , they feel it is their duty to save TPLF officials such as their heroes Teodros Adhanom and Arkebe Equbay using any power they got which in their minds maybe the UN uniform , the UN vehicles who wave the UN Flag.

    These Ethiopians who are employed by the UN are mostly rooting for TPLF Junta right now because the Junta always treated them with such care unlike the Ethiopian army who got the “audacity” to fire shots at the UN vehicles. They thought UN emloyees were untouchable since they were under the impression all Ethiopians look at the Ethiopians employed by the UN as the elected few geniuses amongst all Ethiopians, thus all Ethiopians should worship those few geniuses who are working for the UN. But the fact is the Ethiopian people know that those who work for the UN are mostly no good TPLF worshipers , very few Ethiopians who are employed by the UN are aware of the life on the ground in Ethiopia . Most are blinded by the TPLF propagandas such as the double digits economic growth and the buildings being built and the dam that is going to light up these buildings. The Ethiopian military hereby called upon all Ethiopians who are employed by the UN to repent from their past mistakes and side with Ethiopians instead with the TPLF.


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