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EthioTelecom says it is working on restoring service in Tigray 

EthioTelecom CEO says damaged telephone infrastructure being repaired, but she noted that dispatching technicians to the region was not easy presumably due to the war situation 

EthioTelecom _ CEO
EthioTelecom CEO, Firehiwot Tamiru (FBC)

December 10, 2020 

Weeks after communication blackout in the Tigray region due to the war against TPLF, EthioTelecom is now acting to restore full service in the region.

Firehiwot Tamiru, CEO, said on Thursday that the work is underway to resume full service in the region. 

It has been reported in the past few weeks that TPLF employed scorched-earth policy as it became apparent that it was losing the war. Infrastructures, including telephone lines, were destroyed. 

“Due to the problem in the north region, alternative lines of main stations in Mekelle and Shire were disconnected, and the commercial line was also disconnected,” she said — as reported by state media Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). 

There is a claim that a video footage, a copy of which is in the hands of the Federal police for investigation purposes, captured as the forces, presumably TPLF forces, were damaging the main stations.

According to the CEO, a partial telephone service is started in areas like Shiraro, Maitsebri, Dansha,Turkan,Maikadra, and Korem. 

It is also pointed out that it has become difficult to deploy technicians due to the security situations in the region. 

Yet, EthioTelecom seem to be optimistic that the entire region will get back services.  

Residents of a shire who spoke to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation said they have been facing serious challenges due to communication blackout. They also said that they did not have access to banking services. They demanded the government to address those problems. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has assigned a transitional administration until the next general elections. Cities like Shire have named a mayor, according to an EBC report.

Meanwhile, the government says that it has started dispatching humanitarian aid to different parts of Tigray region. FBC cited Dr. Abraham Belay, Tigray region’s Prosperity Party senior official, to report that  44 trucks of food aid arrived in Shire town on Wednesday. Another 30 trucks arrived in Mekelle on Thursday. 

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  1. Subject: “EthioTelecom says it is working on restoring service in Tigray” borkena
    December 10, 2020

    Commentary 10 Dec 2020
    It is so sad and bizarre that ordinary people are aroused , agitated and guided to be the destroyer of their own prosperity and eventually themselves for the benefit of conceited individuals whose interest is ONLY for themselves from A to Z, at any cost to their blind and intoxicated followers, sacrificing their LIFE for the benefit of ONE DICTATOR. That is what it amounts to. And the individual who arouse the people to madness is actually splinter of the DEVIIL. Such individuals have absolutely no iota of humane consideration and sympathy for the ordinary people who sacrificed their LIFE for them. And in time of crises, the DICTATORS are the ONES who will abandone the country and hide in their pre-prepared safe hideouts. It is strange: they are actually cowards and scared to death every minute of the days, months, and years. They are the worst of the worst human creatures. Dear Reader: Just look around at your environment and at yourself. What do you see? Be honest to yourself. You don’t have to say it to anyone else. Be your own judge.

    Now, let us ask a simple but daring question to ourselves. Are the PEOPLE of Tigrai and Ethiopia in general better off TODAY than ‘YESTERDAY”? If the answer is ‘YES” then the consequential question would then be in what way, bearing in mind that following a DICTATOR to war is to sacrifice one’s PRECIOUS LIFE at the dictate of a deranged ‘unbalance’ creature. Is that what you want? Are you convinced, the killings of kins and kith would be the source of happiness and prosperity in a free peaceful country? One last question and I will call it ‘quits’. ‘Where does the killing of each others end? I leave the answer to YOU >>> Dear Readers who are safely stationed far away from ‘Hell’. If you disagree, you are FREE to jump into purgatory., at any time. THE END
    Post Script’
    I am aware, with sorrow, that I am presenting dreadful narration under a meaningful topic of “EthioTelecom ” restoring good communication “in Tigrai” for the benefit of the PEOPLE..  


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