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Opposition parties meet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over election 

Civic organizations representatives attended opposition party meeting with the prime minister

Opposition _ Abiy Ahmed

December 2, 2020

Ethiopian Opposition Parties and Civic Organizations representatives on Wednesday met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Making the next federal elections democratic,” was the agenda item. The state media reported that an agreement has been reached between the opposition parties and prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government although details are yet to be disclosed.

The government reportedly expressed commitment to ensure that the next election is held as scheduled.

It was initially scheduled to take place in August but the Ethiopian parliament postponed it due to the coronavirus situation in the country — which was one of the factors that aggravated the conflict between Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders and the Federal government.

Most of the Ethiopian opposition parties have been supporting the “law enforcement operation” against TPLF leaders and their forces and condemned the attack on the bases of the Ethiopian Defense Force in the Tigray region.

Abiy Ahmed called on opposition parties to struggle against what he called theft and corruption in their respective parties.

Ethiopian Opposition party leaders had several similar meeting with Ably Ahmed in the past one year or so.

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  1. The only lone concern the Ethiopian opposition parties have is power……power…….power, power mongering, to be seated on the ultimate chair of power, the power of leadership positions, and rule the country, rip the poor people of Ethiopia and it’s natural resources, for self righteousness as much as possible, nothing less, nothing more.
    These so called opposition parties cannot even come together, in one positive note and a single national political interest of a perspective, which is fighting the traditional and historical enemies of Ethiopia and show a solid solidarity with the ruling parties to strengthen the national interest fore the good of the people of Ethiopia and the country.
    The reasons why dictatorship, lawlessness and lawless groups, entities like the egregious criminals WOYANE (TPLF) are infesting Ethiopia like cockroaches.
    GOD bless the land of ETHIOPIA
    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅሕ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  2. you and PP cadres are infesting Ethiopia like cockroaches!! you must stop this propaganda which you are dessiminating with the intent of extending your term in the palace.

    stop slaughtering kids and innocents .

  3. In a democratic country not a single seat won by opposition. Those who ruled for 27 years together blaming only one for loot. Now again one party system is going to rule.

  4. It looks like you misspelled your name “Halen Berheie” the old woyane terrorist, who supported these egregious fascist terrorist group called Woyane by selling your body to the unsuspecting white liberal Europeans, in exchange for unconditional support both financially and politically, while in the act you stole their wallets with their identities, cash, credit cards as well as their credentials for precarious money laundering purposes and got to the point of leadership with 97% (percent) of Woyanes having an educational label of 5th grade and Al-Qaida trained terrorism tactics and terrorized the entire great nation of Ethiopia for 27 solid years, that’s to say including Tigray.
    Halen! The time of terrorism in Ethiopia, for 27 years, by ugly evil “Woyanes” in which you were a part of, is over, for all goodness of the people of Ethiopia including for the people of Tigray and therefore hang it up, retire, you have supported and served fascist Woyane fore more than your life time, by as far as prostituting yourself, you have been extremely loyal to your fellow terrorist, fascist Woyane,at this time of your age, you should attempt to be on the side of the majority and the side of right and truth, period end of the story, best of luck.


    TITLE READS ” Opposition parties meet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over election ”

    THE TITLE SHOULD SAY ” A FRACTION OF THE Opposition parties meet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over election “.


  6. Except the terrorist and outlawed TPLF (WOYANE)! Otherwise, all legally registered opposition parties from within the country, have participated and or have been invited to participate and therefore your claim of “ not every opposition parties were not invited “ is invalid, however, your outcry sounds very familiar, which is the usual my way or the highway whining, in which we’re exhausted of hearing.
    Please let’s move on forward to the next level.


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