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Ethiopian Army key positions near Mekelle revealed

Places with strategic military significance for the “final operation” south and north of Mekelle city in North Ethiopia now under the control of the army

Ethiopian Army _
Let. General Hassan Ibrahim (Photo : ENA)

November 27, 2020

What is said to be the final operation to enforce law in northern Ethiopia by taking control of Mekelle was launched on Thursday after the seventy-two hours ultimatum that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave to TPLF leaders and their loyal forces to surrender came to an end.

On Friday, the Ethiopian Defense Force announced that the army controlled several key military positions north and south of Mekelle after destroying fortified trenches.

Head of training in the Ethiopian Defense Force, Let. General Hassen Ibrahim, said on Friday that places like Hawuzen, Al-Nejsashi, Adi Keyah, Maymesano and Wukro (all near Mekelle city) are under absolute control of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

It is said that those places do have significance from the point of view of the ongoing military operation to hunt down the TPLF criminal elements that are believed to be leading their forces from Mekelle.

“The people of Tigray demonstrated support and solidarity with the Ethiopian Defense Force from day one,” said Let. General Hassan Ibrahim.

The evaluation on the part of the Ethiopian Defense Force is that the operations that have been undertaken since November 4, to enforce the rule of law and order, have largely been successful.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) lost control over much of the Tigray region of Ethiopia in the past three weeks. It raised 250,000 troops as part of preparation for the war against Ethiopian government since it lost domination over the Federal government in April 2018.

After the control of Adwa town sometime last week, the Ethiopian army has controlled several places further south of Adwa including Hawuzen, Abraha woAtsebeha and Wuqro. According to  Let. Gen. Hassen, the army in that front is now advancing to Mesobe Mountain which is believed to have importance for the operation in Mekelle.

South of Mekelle, a fortified trench near Hewana is destroyed by the Ethiopian army under the leadership of Maj. General Alemshet Degfe and Let. General Bacha Debelle. That too is said to be of military significance, and the army is advancing further north towards Mekelle. Unconfirmed reports from other sources claim that one of the top TPLF military generals was killed in action. Die hard TPLF supporters living in the Diaspora dismiss the story as a fall. And they claim that the general “committed suicide” after his forces near Hewane lost  the war.

The Military leaders anticipate that the city of Mekelle would fall in the hands of the Ethiopian Defense Force in a matter of two to three days.

TPLF is yet to confirm that it has lost more towns in the past twenty-four hours.

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