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Ethiopia : The silent genocide the world has ignored

Aemad Mulu
November 19, 2020                            

In Ethiopia there is an on  going massacre of civilians since the advent of the ethnic based federalism in 1991.There are countless people of different linguistic origins that suffered while implementing this obsolete form of federalism.

The main architects of this ethnic federalism were initially Italians when they tried to conquer Ethiopia for their ambition of  colonialism during the second world war. Ethiopia remained one of the few independent countries in the world. However Ethiopian ambition to grow and its proud history is challenged indirectly by its own people who are willing to sell their marvelous country and their sovereignty.

Ethiopia`s social fabric is very intricate in that there is inter-ethnic and relgious marriage are a day to day practices to this date.Among the ethnic -linguistic groups who stand out as the pillar of what we call being Ethiopia are the Amharas.These people were the first target by the then fascist Italians and the victims of the ethnic federalism and the constitution from which its driven.

The current Ethiopian constitution preamble declares its aim is to rectify historically distorted relationships. Here is the main thing to focus on. What sort of relationship people had? Who oppressed who? Who is economically developed ? Do one people oppressed the the other historically? How old is Ethiopia? Who are the original people and who are the new comer? Etc…Even if the preamble does not put it in black and white who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed, the implementation of it and the subsequent formation of ethnic based states mainly targeted ethnic Amharas. The Tigray People Liberation Front which dominated Ethiopian political and economic lives for nearly 3 decades had written boldly its abhorrence towards Amhara in its manifesto in 1975 following its formation. Hence, the present constitution is the extension of TPLF`s manifesto. The result of nearly 30 years rule of Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front  in which TPLF was a dominant force, left Amharas and those who call themselves Ethiopian citizens merely stateless. Amharas had a large territory in the form of provinces prior to 1991 in which they lived peacefully with fellow Ethiopians at different levels. TPLF purposely incorporated parts of Gondar and Wollo predominantly Amhara regions in to Tigray. In the name of rectifying the past parts of Gojjam were cut to form a brand new region namely Benshangul -Gumuz. Parts of Showa also went to Oromia. The sad part of the story is ethnic Amharas neither have political right nor basic human right after the formation of these ethnic based states while still being born and raised there. They pay taxes but they are devoid of any form right what so ever. Their mere existence is by the mercy of those who rule the respective states.

The Amhara massacre and internal displacement is a day to day news in Ethiopia under the EPRDF rule.The Arbagugu and Bedeno massacres of Amharas in what is called Oromia region are prime examples. The whole world hardly said a word about it.Now after Prime minster Abiy Ahmed took the adminstration in 2018 following the years of struggle against the EPRDF rule, the mass killings targeting Amharas became more of a norm like before. Amharas were ethnically cleansed in Oromia  regions such as Shashemene, Wollega, Burayu, Arsi,Bale and others. In Metekel of Benshangul Gumuz ,it is becoming more frequent to kill Amharas for simply who they are. In Wolkayt and Raya of the previous Amhara provinces TPLF special forces have done war crimes on civilians for decades.The recent genocide on mostly Amharas about 500 of them by Tigray special forces in Maykadra in present day South West of Tigray is the manifestation of how much Amharas are suffering in Ethiopia. In July alone after the assassination of Hacchalu Hundessa, more than 300 innocent cvilian Amharas were massacred for who they are. In October 2019, at least 100 Amharas were brutally killed by Qerroo mob after Jawar Mohammed  wrote a facebook post about his security details.

The international media especially Aljazeera, BBC , France 24 and CNN failed to mention what did really happen on the ground in Ethiopia. It looks agendas that promote Ethiopian demise are put on the table. The news agenda begins by framing what happens in Ethiopia as “ethnic conflict”. There was no ethnic conflict in Oromia, Benshangul Guumuz and Tigray regions. It was ethnic cleansing made by militant groups who are loyal to a certain political party ( who call themselves as representing an ethnic group). In Ethiopian context Tigray People liberation Front and Oromo Liberation front are working together to bring more havoc and disrupt the social fiber that existed for eons in the country.

What marvels most people who are concerned about Ethiopia is : Why the western media failed to call what is unfolding in Ethiopia by its authentic name. If they do not have the actual evidence, why would not they remain silent?

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  1. Thats true. im ethiopian and im not interested in politics but as i see things around me tplf in tigray started the war and tplf took lots of innocent civilians life just to come back to authority after they ruled Ethiopia for the past 27 years. there is no civil war in Ethiopia currently its just abolishing terrorists. i have families and friends in tigray im worried about them im praying to let allah keep them safe.

  2. What you wrote ……The recent genocide of mostly Amharas about 500 of them by Tigray special forces in Maykadra in present-day South West of Tigray is the manifestation of how much Amharas are suffering in Ethiopia, first of all even this media have no evidence if there was a TPLF !!! prime minister Abi Ahmed is following the tactic of Isayas Afeworki ( Eritrean president ) this war well planed and organized between both of them, they started exactly the time was an election of the USA and no one can have atention on that time, as Isayas Afwerkin did in 11 september 2001 when tween towers crashed down that time no one have tation outside the USA exept on the’r prob. and Isayas Afewerki misused this situtation and jailed all oppositions in Eritrea and no one have tention about this until now, and this war is same no one going to have tention and Ethiopia look like getting green light to do what they want with the sweet talking ledear Aby Ahmed, the massacre what it happens in Maykadra was sytematicy the world to show the TPLF to blame them and the conection is cut off until now, there is lots of worse going on and people is dying eveyday in Tigray region it’s a quait jenoside is happening in Tigray region and no one will talk and help those people and no one will give them a tention exept talking and writing in massmedia, they give upp Tigrayans people from ouside help they hope is from TPLF to fight and bring they’r freedom and that’s the only soltion

    Medhanie Yosief

  3. Here in the USA, in Washington DC, there was a fairly large protest on the genocide going on in Ethiopia. No media coverage or anything. The 24/7 live stream of the capitol building shut off just before the protest.
    Look at Mustang Medic on today’s date (2-25-2021). With lack of media coverage in the most recognized district within our country, It throws red flags. I’m searching for answers and spreading the word.

  4. I don’t know why the world ignored active Genocide in Ethiopia? The last three years until now. Every single day innocent and unarmed people killed in southern part of Ethiopia in Wolega, Benshagule and Metekle. They open pregnant women womb, cut children’s neck. Abyi Ahmed who was the nobel prize winner cleansing one tribe called AMHARA .


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