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US Lawmakers’ Efforts to Thwart Law Enforcement Campaigns in Ethiopia

Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network _ Lawmakers

Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN)
Press Release
November 18, 2020

Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN) is an umbrella organization of over 57 civic groups from around the world, in which the overwhelming majority are Ethiopian-American community associations located in 29 major cities in the United States.

It has come to our attention that certain members of the US House and Senate are preparing a letter requesting the Honorable Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State, to demand an immediate ceasefire in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, followed by a peaceful dialogue amongst all parties.

It is regrettable that members of the US legislative bodies have been misled to pressure Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to abandon his law enforcement responsibilities, despite the deplorable crimes committed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). It is to be recalled that on November 4, 2020, the TPLF committed treasonous atrocities against the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), looting military hardware and massacring thousands of soldiers in a cowardly attack.

We believe that the measures taken by the government of Ethiopia are justified and judicious, and as a purely internal affair, the US should desist from putting pressure on the Prime Minister. Instead, we call upon the US, as a longtime friend of Ethiopia, to play a more constructive role to help bring the criminals to justice swiftly, while minimizing collateral civilian casualties. 


·  We call upon all Ethiopian-Americans, members of our network and friends of Ethiopia to contact their senators and Congressional representatives and demand that they support the law enforcement efforts of the Ethiopian government.

·   We fully support the Ethiopian government and the ENDF, and demand that they persevere in the effort to establish law and order and to bring criminals to justice with minimum civilian casualties.   

·  We call upon our brotherly people of Tigray to cooperate with the government and the ENDF in bringing the criminals among them to justice as swiftly as possible.  

WE-CAN Media Relations

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  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to report some violations by Immigration Officials at Addis Ababa that is affecting my freedom of movement, and right to due process by the law of Ethiopia. I am an American who overstayed in Ethiopia due to unfortunate incidents, and I wanted to pay the penalty for overstayed visa in full but the immigration office had ask for a sum of money that I couldn’t pay since they had arbitrarily raised the penalty fee to $10/day. I know now that by Ethiopian law must provide me due process by rule of court to spend time in jail or/and pay a penal violation fee that does not exceed 10,000 birr (~$300) but the Immigration Head at Mexico are blocking me to seek court judgment and instead asking me to pay for sum of money that I can not possibly pay. I asked U.S. embassy for help but they told me, “that kind of penalty money was unheard of”, and they said even though the Immigration Head at Addis Ababa are not following their law and guidelines of illegal stay the embassy said there is nothing they can do since they can not interfere with the procedures of law even they are misguided. I been locked up one month in Addis Ababa jail located on Mexico for 4 weeks in 2019 with the promise of court, but I was deliberately left in jail without due process even though I volunteered to be arrested at Immigration Office because they told they would have to arrest me if I wanted to seek court. I been threaten by the head of Immigration at Mexico that I only had the option to pay the due visa penalty, or I was to live in Ethiopia permanently illegal. Since my visit to Immigration Office my passport has been confiscated. Even now with Ethiopia gripped with Covid pandemic, and brink of ethnic/civil violence I am forced to remain in Ethiopia. Please, help.

  2. yematrebu kedategnoch leboch yareb geredoch amaroch hulem yareb ena ye nechoch egir atbiwoch nachuh you are selling your country like your father minilik , traitor. You work with UAE to kill your own people.

    damn pagans

  3. It shows the weakness of the folks at the embassies representing the old country in diplomatic matters. It is abundantly and painfully evident that the law of the land was violently transgressed resulting in massive loss of human lives and destruction of public property. Not only that military bases were ambushed and attacked where huge military hardware was looted. Those soldiers who resisted the looting and captured were found dead execution style with their hands tied behind their backs. Just imagine if it was the QAnon group who did this from their assumed base in Montana. Just think about that. Will Senator Mendez and a few others in the US Congress call for a negotiation? Will the Trump or the coming Biden administration tell the violent group that all is forgotten and extend the olive branch just because 25,000 QAnon supporters will flee across the border into Canada? This shows me that Chairman Debre’s operators are better positioned financially capable of pumping substantial amount of money into the campaign funds of these representatives. Money talks, baby!!! These members of the congress are not new faces since they have been well known talking heads in matters of the old country. In many cases they did say a few things that should have been appreciated. But this time? Booooooo!!!! What are they trying to do? Railroad that gem of the colored on a silver plate? Where are the folks at the embassy here in the USA? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are lovable in movies only but that does not mean they were innocent and their bank robberies and murders shouldn’t matter? Yes, it did matter and that was why the US government was hot on their heels until they met their masters in the field. I tell you what? I suggest some one to talk to Senator Mendez to introduce a legislation that will grant an absolute pardon to Robert LeRoy Parker and Butch Cassidy and let their cascade lay in state at the Capital. While you are at it include Bonnie and Clyde. I like watching any movie made about these ‘adorable’ but deadly outlaws so much I may go there to pay tribute. Why not? They didn’t kill any ‘niggers’. But Chairman Mao, am sorry, Chairman Debre is just another black man who killed other black folks. Who gives a hoot?!!! So what? Niggers always kill each other anyway!!!!

    Where are the folks at the embassy here in the USA? Hello! Is somebody home? Where are those members of our Diaspora living in New Jersey and New York? You know what to do at the ballot box next time around. Where are our lawyers? I know very well that Senator Mendez has good intentions and he clearly wants the old country to succeed. But it shows he was taken on a long ride on this matter. Someone should have a calm and collected discussion with him about the need to uphold law and order in Ethiopia is equally as crucial as it is in Trenton or Newark. No more no less.


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