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Ethiopia: reported explosion near Bahir Dar airbase, gunfire heard

TPLF operatives are said to be behind the explosion. Local authorities yet to announce if there was any causality

November 13, 2020

One of Ethiopia’s lakeside resort tourist destination cities, Bahir Dear, reportedly experienced an unspecified security incident on Friday in the evening local time.

What is known so far is that there was an explosion reported in the city and it is said to be near the military airbase. Citizen reports on social media indicates that there was brief heavy gunfire and power outage following the explosion.

No casualty is reported at this writing and the regional government did not disclose the nature of the security incident. 

Unconfirmed sources with links in the city report that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) operatives within the Defense Force based in the city attempted to attack targets but it was foiled.

According to the sources, calm was restored within an hour or so. .

Security forces and community members in different parts of Ethiopia are on high alert following what the Federal government of Ethiopia calls a “military operation to enforce the law in the Tigray region of Ethiopia,” which it says will continue until the TPLF leaders are captured or eliminated. It started when the TPLF attacked the multiples of military bases of the northern command.

There were reports on Thursday this week that hundreds of TPLF operatives on a mission to create instability in different cities including Addis Ababa were arrested.

The military operation in the north is in its second week now, and prime minister Abiy Ahmed claimed that Ethiopian Defense Forces controlled several key towns in what is called the “western Tigray region.”

There is a concern that the operation will turn out to be a protracted one. But Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed anticipates that the operation will be completed within a short period of time.

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  1. This so called ‘conflict’ is turning into a ‘statement’ war for the goons who have huddled somewhere in the speakeasies of Mekele. In the correct sense of the word this battle should never be given the prestige of being termed as a ‘conflict’ but an operation by the government to bring law and order in an area where black Neo-Nazis have been hatching havoc on the country. It is a justifiable operation by the federal government to bring the ‘Tookie Williams’ of the North to justice. But the size and physiology of the country has enabled these goons to come out of their dungeons to make ‘I’m capable of carrying out of this or that’ statement. Now everyone should be prepared for the reincarnation of Saddam’ Skuds of a different sort. The more these ‘Tookies’ are cornered the more desperate they will feel and civilian quarters will be fair game. They will do that to show the BBC’s, Al-Jazeera’, AP.s of the world that the Federal Government is incapable of ruling the country and protecting the safety of civilians. It should not be overlooked of what has been going on since 1991. These goons have been preparing for this skirmish. They were pilfering weapons under the guise of the conflict with Eritrea. In some cases when and if successful all these demons need is a couple of suicidal operatives to wreak havoc with their shoulder carried rockets. Innocent civilians are and will be fair game for these black Neo-Nazis. Citizens should remain on the alert to spot such demonic operatives and hand them over to the police.

    Now some media outlets are reporting a missile attack on certain locations in the capital of Eritrea, Asmara. It was reported that the international airport was the target where it endured some damage. Now that is bona fide terrorism because the airport is mainly a civilian airport. Who knows, next can be Djibouti or even Sudan. They might have just got the attention of Curtis Lemay now.

    You might have noticed me complaining about the way some of these major foreign media outlets have been reporting about the old country. BBC is now reporting that those who fled to Sudan are people of Tigrayan heritage. It has interviews of refugees from that region only. In the interview the refugees are heard telling the interviewer they fled from murder and massacre being carried out on Tigrayans only. She does not even look a refugee as she shows a well pampered physique. I tell you, that was why I had lost respect for these western media outlets. Just watch the clip on BBC Africa and you tell me if those interviewed were really refugees. There are subtitles in English. And there are no refugees other than those from Tigray? No Amharas, Oromos etc…? Come on! It is a shame to see BBC, VOA and DW are being run by operatives. I remember when one of my warra Chercher(Carcar) friends called during the 1998-2000 war between Eritrea and the late PM Meles Zenawi. He was livid; he was fuming. He was angry that one of the field reporters of the Amharic radio broadcast of DW was reading the names of dead Ethiopian soldiers from a downed military helicopter. The reporter who was an Amharic speaking Eritrean was reading the names from dog tags he found on the corpses of the Ethiopians from the downed helicopter. That was against international laws and everything against every aspect of journalistic ethics. You don’t read names until the families of the dead are notified. I see similar dereliction of journalistic duty of a different sort by the BBC now.

    Hey the Gabisa’s, Gebeissa’s, Ararsa’s and Gutema’s of the world! When are you going to Mekele? Your former benefactors need well muscled up human beast of burdens like you to carry them on your backs all the way to Addis/Finfine!!! What? What did you say? ‘My political asylum application is not finalized yet’? That is what you said? You liar you!!!!! Better yet, you chicken you!!!

  2. TPLF vs EPRDF Almost a year ago,I wrote the following in this website.

    November 28, 2019 at 5:44 pm
    Quote: “EPRDF responds to Sebhat Nega’s derogatory political remark Sebhat Nega thinks that EPRDF is abandoning Revolutionary Democracy and Principles of Democratic Developmental State, borkena, January 3,2019” UNQUOTE

    EPRDF, TPLF, ABCF, XYZF etc…….!!!! What would be the point?
    What is the benefit for the ordinary people of Tigrai who are struggling from day to day to make ends meet in their existence? YES, “existence” against “living”.
    Why do the commoners of Tigrai have to suffer for the benefit of a few intellectuals? Why? Why? Why?
    Indeed, why do ordinary AFRICANS have to suffer for the benefit of individual dictatorial self-appointed Africans? The AFRICAN PEOPLE have suffered under foreign colonialism for seemingly time immemorial. Why do they have to suffer under their own BRETHREN of Flesh and Blood? Why? Why? Why? THE END

    I can’t add nor delete a single word from what I wrote a year ago.


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