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Ethiopian PM removes Foreign Minister, Defense Chief of Staff amid war with TPLF

Ethiopian Intelligence Department Director is also removed from his position 

Photo credit : The Ethiopian Reporter (Resized)

November 8, 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Sunday introduced unexpected changes in the defense, intelligence, and foreign affairs leadership days after his government launched a military operation in Tigray region against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders on alleged grounds of attacks on the Northern Command.

Defense Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force General Adem Mohammed is removed from his position. It is unclear if he is appointed for a different role. He served in the position since June 2019 following the assassination of General Seare Mekonnen who was chief of the Defense Force.

General Berhanu Jula who was serving as deputy chief of staff and head of operations of the defense force is now promoted as Chief of the Defense Staff.

Let. General Abebaw Tadesse, who was “retired” and recently recalled for service following the outbreak of military conflict in the Tigray region, is appointed as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Defense Force.

Abiy Ahmed also made changes to the National Information and Security Services, Ethiopia’s ss intelligence department. Director Demelash Gebremichael is removed as the top man in the department. He is given a new role as the Federal Police Commission.

President of Amhara regional state Temesgen Tiruneh is abandoning his position as Abiy Ahmed wants him to serve as director of Ethiopian national intelligence. Agegnehu Teshager is taking over as head of Amhara regional state. Temesgen Tiruneh has some work experience in the intelligence department.

From outside of the military and security departments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will no longer have Gedu Andargachew as Minister. Abiy Ahmed gave him a new role “as national security adviser” to the Minister although it is unclear if Gedu had any relevant experience in that area.

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonenen is appointed to serve as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia in addition to his current role. It was a TPLF era tradition to appoint a deputy prime minister as Minister for Foreign Affairs. Hailemariam Desalegne was a deputy prime minister and a foreign affairs minister at the same time under Meles Zenawi administration.

Post TPLF era appointments at the federal level of government are said to have a character of a quota system as a form of arrangement for power-sharing. The quota system is based on ethnic identity which emanates from the ethnic federal structure and ethnic-based political parties even under Prosperity Party which is theoretically a single party formed out of mergers of multiples of ethnic-based parties.

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  1. The former Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew recently bluntly , courageously and publicly said “በጉራ ፈርዳ ወረዳ የተፈፀመው ጥቃት ማንነትን መሰረት ያደረገ ነው –” which got the Pro Oromo Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed uncomfortable because if anyone in his cabinet needed to say “በጉራ ፈርዳ ወረዳ የተፈፀመው ጥቃት ማንነትን መሰረት ያደረገ ነው ” it should have been the Prime Minister himself then after that maybe the other Ministers but if the Prime Minister did not say that first, then all in his cabinet should have kept quiet according to the cabinet protocol.

    Now what the then Foreign Minister Gedu said publicly does not show the stand of the whole Ethiopian government ,it was just a stand of one high level official individual in the Ethiopian government.
    So far the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has not officially said “በጉራ ፈርዳ ወረዳ የተፈፀመው ጥቃት ማንነትን መሰረት ያደረገ ነው ” , only the former Foreign Minister and the current National Security Advisor Gedu Andargachew said that which shows this new appointment of Gedu Andargachew as a National Security Advisor is just a tactic to quiet down Gedu Andargachew from making anymore public comments about the ongoing Amara’s extermination which is being waged against the Amaras by Abiy siding with the attackers.

    That is why rather reshuffling the cabinet almost every month now, even at this moment where the country is at a point of a brink of a big war which Africa did not see in this millennium just shows the desperation to cling to power .

    Currently the failed Abiy’s government intentionally got things to reach to this point of failure

    1. Amaras and Tigray’s farmers lost their crops to Locust Infestation

    2. Abiy and TPLF Picked this hunger time to start a civil war just to get the volunteer farmers from both sides finish each other off.

    3. While Abit having a Defense Minister (Lemma Megerssa , ” the Reform leader ” ) who is under house arrest war is underway which shows the Abiy’s determination to accumulate his dictatorial tyrant power.

    4. While reshuffling intelligence and top military officials once again amidst beating the drum for the war of the millennium not only internally but globally, it is being evident all along Abiy was the person who needed to be shuffled from his post all this time.

    5. While all of a sudden Abiy Ahmed is unwilling to accept nothing else but “unspecified” total defeatof TPLF at whatever cost.

    6. While Capital flight illicit financial outflow through Good International reached an all-time high Abiy is busy searching for treasure in Mekele.

    If this Abiy’s government is not a failed government with all the cabinets needing to resign ASAP, then I do not know whatelse to call this government or to say what else is left for this failed Abiy’s Cabinet to possibly do to redeem itself.

    Many are currently saying the Ethiopian Amara soldiers need to take out Abiy on the way back from Mekele!!!!

    “ከባድመ መልስ ወደ መለስ ” ብለው ባድመ ዘምተው ሳይመለሱ እንዳስቀራቸው እንዳይሆንብን ይታሰብበት!!!

    • So what if he has turned into a tyrant?

      As long as he can remove the snakes in Mekelle, restore the stolen Amhara lands in Northern Gondar, and jail the Oromo extremist hatemongers, then he has done more than what any other Ethiopian leader can do in 2020.

  2. Hope that you may see some sense to abstain from your incitement of war that can tear Ethiopia to pieces. Abiy is in panic mood and he is beteraying Ethiopia and teaming up with Isaias Afeworki. Abiy is doing the same mitake as Mengistu Hailemariam did. It may take long but the war mongering Abiy and cliques (Issais Afeworki, ADM leadership and PP) will be defeated by the couragues people of Tigray, Eriterians and Ethiopians.

    Eriteans are supporing the People of Tigray in mass. Thanks to the sensible people of Eritrea.

    Awol put his point to confirm the Government of Tigray and the people of Tigray serious concerns about Abiy’s leadership and he is conning the Ethiopian People. If Ethiopians think, Abiy and Isaias have good intention and interest in the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. Events will reveal their plan and the ADM leadership will regret their collaboration to the demise and disintegration of Ethiopia.

    Generally, the panel also painted a bleak picture about Abiy’s and ADM collaboration with Isaias Afework, which may lead to the break up Ethiopia.

    Collaborators and traitors will be remembered in history and their action of betrayal can not be painful to all Ethiopians.

    Watch the video below and listen to the man who nominated Abiy Ahmed for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Ethiopian should reflect on the situation how Abiy and ADM leadership are cowardly dragging Ethiopians into a very long and messy war.

    I sincerely hope the Amhara and Oromo people will stand with the people of Tigray to prevent Ethiopia from breaking up and condemned Abiy’s, Isaias Afeworki and ADM leadership coward actions. Traitors will never win.

  3. Gizmo Wedi, if you read and learn a bit history about the stolen land of northern Gondar you cited, the lands were actually belong to Tigray for many centuries before, during and after Zemene Nesafint.

    Emperor Haile Selassie took western Tigray territories such as Walkaite, Tsegede, Amba Giorgis, Lemalemo, Metema-Yohannes, Armachiho, Adi Arkay and incorporated them to Gondar province and southern Tigray Territories (Raya Azebo, Ale-Weha, Kobo) to Wello province After the First Weyane rebellion in 1943. This enabled Haile Selassie to weaken further Tigraians rebellion. If this could justified for Amhara war effort by distorting history and the lands were not yours on the first place, it is very sad how the people of Amhara have been misled to believe that these territories were stolen from Gondar. History can not be rewritten. To mention the undisputed fact, Emperor Yohannes died in Metema defending Ethiopia’s sovereignty while Emperor Menelik II were busy conspiring with The Mahdist abd Italians. It seems that it a tradition for Amhara leaders over the years to undermine the sovereignty of Ethiopia. Menelik ended up selling Eritrea to Italy.

    Most of the western abd Southern Tigray territories were given back to Tigray with the consent of AMD leadership and approved by the Ethiopian Parliament.

    In addition, the Ethiopian census shows that more than 90% are Tigrayans and less than 3% are Amharas.

    Instead of waging war, this could have been settled through referendum and the people who live in these districts can choose either to be part of Tigray region or Amhara region.

    However, surprise surprise, Abiy, PP and ADM leaders use the pre-text to saw hatred and conflict that could lead to many loss of lives on both side in order to stay in power rather than face election. This war will be a bitter war and neither side can not afford to getting into that may lead to the disintegration of Ethiopia.

    Abiy and his ADM/PP elites are conspiring with Isaias Afeworki whose interest in is to undermine abd destroy the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. History will remember them their traitorous action.

    Just visit and I hope that you learn to discover the accurate historical facts about the western and southern territories.

    Please also read the following book written by Michael Russell (1883), Nubia and Abyssinia, page 79, Google books at

  4. The people of Tigray can’t live with Amharas peacefully anymore. Abiy and ADM leadership action against the people of Tigray is very painful to live with.

    It is time for Tigray to secede from Ethiopia. It is best for the people of Tigray and Amhara to go separate ways amicably.


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