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Debretsion : “We are getting positive response from the people of Eritrea”

Dimtsi Woyane report published on YouTube channel cited Debretsion as saying that Tigray is getting positive support from Eritrea.

Debretsion Gebremichael giving press statement about three days ago. (Photo : screenshot from Demtsi Woyane video)

November 8, 2020

It has been five days since the Ethiopian government announced that “the TPLF attacked the northern command in Tigray and the Ethiopian Defense Force is ordered to respond to it.”

In the latest update on Sunday, Ethiopian Defense Force military leaders claimed that they have cleared TPLF from parts of Tigray in the western part of the region and controlled places like Dansha, Humera and Humera airpot and Maydeli.

About three days ago, Debretsion Gebremichal confirmed that there is a fighting between Ethiopian Defense force and his forces in the western part but did not say if he has lost territories or made advances against “enemy force.”

Debretsion did not make new appearances since then. However, Demitsi Woyane, a pro-TPLF media outlet based in Tigray, seem to have recycled the speech from three days ago to report that Debetsion Gebremicael said that he is getting positive response from Eritrean people (Watch the video below after the 17th minute). However, no Eritrean news outlet reported so far about Eritrean solidarity to TPLF leaders. What was in the news was Eritrea’s government readiness to support what Ethiopian government calls “operation” to enforce the rule of law against criminal TPLF leaders.

Reuters reported on Sunday that Debretsion Gebremichal, president of Tigray regional state and chairman of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is open for negotiation – an idea majority of Ethiopians do not seem to like. Reports of alleged TPLF attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force in Tigray region aggravated public anger towards TPLF.

However, Abiy Ahmed’s government did not release details of what really happened in the Ethiopian Defense Force bases in Tigray on the night of November 2, 2020.

Abiy Ahmed himself ruled out negotiation saying it takes the capture of what he calls “fugitives from justice,” to end the war. Debretsion or his party showed no sign of willingness to handover any TPLF leadership.

The Ethiopian parliament this week approved a six months long state of emergency in Tigray region.

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  1. Tigrayan people and Eritrean people share too many common religions and cultures they cannot be enemies at each other for too long no matter what, same as Woyane and Shabiya can not stay mad at each other for long since they share so many common needs , common experiences and common enemies.

  2. Subject: QUOTE: ” Debretsion : We are getting positive response from the people of Eritrea” UNQUOTE

    Reaction with Acute Interest

    “from the “PEOPLE” !!!!!???? REALLY ????
    In what way?
    To go to WAR ?!?!?

    ERITREANS HAD THEIR SHARE of WAR at HORRENDOUS SACRIFICE IN A THIRTY-YEAR WAR. Why would they want to have somebody’s war?!?!?

    By the way, what would be the role of the self-appointed, ruthless, dictator, president of Eritrea in the above desire with the “PEOPLE” of Eritrea? Or perhaps the word PEOPLE is synanomous with the DICTATOR PRESIDENT.

    Or perhaps the above subject was drafted in a rush.
    To be realistic, perhaps the author actually wants the Eritrean People to sacrifice their LIFE for the reckless adventure against Ethiopia as a revenge for CARELESSLY LOSING THAT PREMIERSHIP of ETHIOPIA that Meles Zenawi enjoyed for twenty three years and left a deserved “NAME” associated with his magnificent initiative on the magnificent development out of the Blue Nile. By the way, who took away the LIFE of Meles? . Was it God, way up in heaven, or perhaps someone else on planet earth?. In our Society, it is taboo to ask questions — a reflection of our backwardness.

    To close my diatribe, please do NOT insult Eritreans and expect them to sacrifice their precious LIFE for other people’s wanton adventure.

    And finally, please note that I write the above because I am lucky enough to LIVE in a freedom loving adorable country as its humble CITIZEN with all the privileges and to be a FREE Human Being with DIGNITY out of my beautiful birth place which was destroyed by people with singular self-interest, coupled with inner hatred upon the people of the country being governed.

    In general, it is sad that we Black Africans are not lucky enough to have decent, caring, fraternal, relationship among ourselves to develop and benefit out of our beautiful naturally rich CONTINENT — the envy of many who are always ready to have it for themselves. By the way, it does NOT matter that we have thousands and thousands of indigenous people with Ph D Degrees!!! Shocking statement!!!! . When it comes to our dear Africa it means nothing — it is only 13 X 15 inch paper. It has absolutely no value when its comes to our dear Africa. THE END

  3. Chairman Mao, sorry Chairman Debre is waving the white flag all the way to the office of the current chairman of the AU. It seems that firebrand Adam Farah is saying no dice! The Dinagde incarnate is saying no dice!! The Tekle incarnate from Gojjam is telling him no dice!!! That Barentu Taytu incarnate is telling him no dice! That King Mikaeel/Al-Ras Mohammed Ali incarnate is yelling at him no dice! Those fire spitting patriots from Ogaden are telling him like ‘you know what you had done to my sisters, brothers, kin and kit!!! Those mad as hell Afar patriots are telling him too late!! Those Sidamas, Gambelas, Oromos and Amharas are telling him like ‘What? What did you say? We can’t hear you!’ Folks, there is a cardinal reality that our fathers teach us at an early age. You don’t pick a senseless fight you know very well that you will lose and lose miserably!!!! Too late buddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In Addis Ababa State of Emergency needs to be declared and internet needs to be shutdown along with the private media outlets serving Addis Ababa.



  5. Why would Eritrean people or Eritrean government fight to salvage a terrorist group who inflicted indescribable harm to them, against Ethiopia which already signed a peace agreement with them. This shows that TPLF is in a desperate situation. Their days have come to a close!!

  6. Quote: “This shows that TPLF is in a desperate situation. Their days have come to a close!!” Unquote Zewdu

    I fully agree. The Chief and Head of: a) TPLF as well as b) Tigrayan Civil Government & Environment, His Excellency Debre, Scholar of the Highest Academic Achievement, unparalleled anywhere around the Globe, is on his way out to SAVE TIGRAY. It is sensible decision worthy for Historical Document.
    By the way, It is also a good idea that he, at last came to the conclusion, to stay far far far away from his artificial friend who is destroying Eritrea piece by piece by piece.

    The Amharic saying summarized it ALL: translation = THERE IS TIME FOR ALL.

  7. Subject: “More than 5000 Ethiopians refugees cross into Sudan from Tigray conflict”
    BBC News Africa,@BBCAfrica n the latest Focus on Africa programme:

    Commentary, 12 Nov 2020
    Five thousand (5000) Ethiopians abandoning their beloved country to avoid the internal conflict against Ethiopia!!!

    One cannot help drifting back to the ancient history of galant Tigraians Atse Yohanes and Ras Alula, sacrificing their LIFE for ETHIOPIA. Yes, for ETHIOPIA.
    And we now have “modern”, “civilized”, Tigraians with “Doctor of Philosophy Degrees” from well known “Western Civilized Universities” deciding to cut-off Tigrai from the Ethiopia of time immemorial!!!!!!!

    Was there any meeting in Tigrai to REQUEST the PEOPLE of Tigrai to DWELL UPON and DECIDE on the the subject matter? Unsurprisingly, THERE WAS NO such a request for the most essential and very serious historical matter. It is bizarre by the standard of civilized world. Indeed, a Self-Appointed individuals and hypnotized groups made the decision without consulting and getting APPROVAL from the People of Tigrai. If there is, the people of Tigrai has yet to see such a written document in black and white, on such historical matter for future generation. In the absence of such a document, it would be assumed — as a glaring example — that the decision was pure and simple dictatorial document waving the population of Tigrai aside as NOT IMPORTANT !!!!! And that is why there is still a Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) even though it has already accomplished its task (a long time ago) upon the defeat of the Derg. In short, the people of Tigrai are under watchful eyes of a DICTATORIAL GROUP that aims to be the MASTER of Tigrai for the benefit of few individuals — the phenomenon of DICTATORSHIP.

    And so, the unfortunate people of Tigrai would be abandoning their beloved province of Ethiopia and scattered around the Globe— with a bad image — for survival and subsequently joining the glaring example and world wide negative and UNFAIR image of AFRICANS >>> to the diabolical delight of “colonial powers of yesteryears with the usual slogan >>>> “WE TOLD YOU SO”

    One can’t help dangerously thinking about AFRICA NOT BEING for INDIGENOUS BLACK AFRICANS but for those who have eternal desire to TAKE OVER AFRICA >>> primarily the hungry and cool Asians, followed by the old professional colonial Europeans, with America being aloof but with interest. THE END.


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