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The TPLF’s War Against Ethiopia -The Choice of Tigryans: The TPLF or Ethiopia

Part I – The Choice of Tigryans: The TPLF or Ethiopia 

TPLF _ Tigray _ Ethiopia
The 45th celebration of TPLF anniversary , Mekelle Stadium (photo: File/TCB)

By Gemechu Aba Biya
November 6, 2020

“Let it be known the war will not be fought in Tigrai. It will be fought everywhere”. Aigaforum, Nov1, 2020.

“If Eritrea intervenes, other countries will invade Ethiopia, and Ethiopia will become another Libya, Syria, or Yemen. I guarantee it.” Mesfin Seyoum, Nov 1, 2020. (Translation mine).

“Tigray will be the burial place of our enemies.” Deberestion Gebremichael, Nov 2, 2020.

Ever since the TPLF lost power unexpectedly two years ago, it has been plotting to launch a war against Ethiopia. After a long preparation, the TPLF started its war on November 3 by attacking the military bases of the Northern Command in Mekele and in Humera and by invading the region of Amhara. 

The TPLF’s motivation for the war is to create instability to come to power again, or if that does not materialize, to declare an independent Tigray that incorporates fertile land from the Amhara region.  If the TPLF’s conflict is with the federal government, why did it invade the region of Amhara, other than to have a larger Tigray after independence? 

The TPLF’s provocative war has created an excellent opportunity for the federal government to destroy this terrorist organization once and for all. This opportunity should not be wasted. The TPLF should be dismantled, disarmed, and banned. Ethiopians have been too patient with the TPLF’s voracious looting, barbaric crimes, and genocidal acts for more than 27 years. 

Now that the TPLF has started the war, there should not be any negotiations to save the TPLF from annihilation. The job must be finished; the TPLF must be uprooted from Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia.  It should not be given the chance to reorganize itself. A wounded beast is a dangerous beast.

When it was in power, the TPLF warned us that unless it stays in power for ever, Ethiopia would become another Rwanda. What it meant was, if it were to be forced out of power, it would slaughter the Amharas. Its “predictions” have come true. It has organized the recent killings of Amharas in Benishangul, Gura Ferda, and Western Wollega. In Wollega, Amnesty International reports that at least 54 innocent Amharas, men, women, and children were massacred by the agents of the TPLF on November 1. 

As long as the TPLF remains intact, the killings, looting, and instability will continue. There will never be peace in Ethiopia if this barbaric organization continues to freely roam throughout Ethiopia. And the TPLF will never be defeated as long as the Tigrayan people provide it a sanctuary. 

It has been stated that the people of Tigray have been suppressed by the TPLF. Well, now is their opportunity to side with their brothers and sisters in the rest of Ethiopia to annihilate this Prince of Darkness, this cancer of Ethiopian body politic. 

Some people have argued that the Tigrayan people have been unable to liberate themselves from the shackles of the TPLF because the TPLF is too dictatorial in Tigray.  The absence of resistance to the TPLF, the argument goes, should not be interpreted as support for the TPLF; rather it should be taken as compelling evidence of the TPLF’s tyranny over the Tigrayan people. 

I am not convinced that dictatorship explains the acquiescence of some Tigrayans to the TPLF rule in Tigray.  If dictatorship results in long-term subservience, dictators would have ruled forever; in reality, tyranny creates resistance, and resistance produces freedom. The most despotic governments, from the Apartheid regime in South Africa to the military juntas in South America, have all been overthrown by the downtrodden.  

The oppressed always overthrow the oppressors, except in Tigray so far. Now, the Tigrayan people have a golden opportunity to get rid of their oppressor.  We will see in the next few weeks where the Tigrayan people stand, with the TPLF or their brothers and sisters in the rest of Ethiopia. 

Placation and TPLF Rule in Tigray

There is no question that the TPLF controls the Tigrayan people from the Kebeles to villages, to Woredas, to towns, to cities through its network of cadres, informers, and spies. Through this network, the TPLF has been able to harass, intimidate, and imprison its opponents. This does not, however, explain the near absence of opposition to the TPLF in Tigray. The TPLF’s despotism in Tigray is no worse than it was in the rest of Ethiopia, especially in Oromia and Amhara regions. The TPLF used precisely the same authoritarian weapons and much more in the rest of Ethiopia to stay in power. 

In fact, there are reasons to believe the TPLF’s dictatorship has been less harsh in Tigray than it was elsewhere. There has been no government massacre of demonstrators in Tigray, as happened in Oromia in 2015 and in Amhara in 2016. I have not heard of a single Tigrayan that has been blinded, castrated, maimed, his fingernails drilled, his genitals electrocuted, his eyes poked, his teeth knocked out, or otherwise physically deformed by the TPLF torturers as were Amhara, Oromo, Gurage, and other political prisoners during the TPLF’s rule of terror for 27 years. 

Placation rather than repression explains the lack of sustained opposition to the TPLF in Tigray. It has been argued that the Tigrayan people have not benefited from the TPLF’s 27 years of dictatorship, but the fact is some Tigrayans have benefited under the TPLF regime.  To stay in power, the TPLF practiced bribery and control in Tigray, oppression and cruelty in Oromia and Amhara regions, and ethnic divisiveness and conflict everywhere. 

Under the TPLF rule, its supporters have accumulated wealth because of its preferential treatment of TPLF members and supporters in the allocation of credit, loans, land, and privatization of state-owned enterprises. A Reuters reporter says,…” the area [sic Tigray] is wealthier and more influential than many other, larger regions..”

No, the streets of Mekele are not paved with gold, but the TPLF has delivered the goods to a section of the Tigrayan society. It has shared with them the wealth it has looted from the rest of Ethiopia. The TPLF believes that it enjoys considerable support from the people of Tigray, as Sebhat Nega stated  once, “Tigray is the TPLF and the TPLF is Tigray” . Because of this belief, the TPLF is prepared to sacrifice thousands of “martyrs” to return to power or to break up Ethiopia before declaring independence. 

In the weeks to come, we will see where the loyalty of the Tigrayan people lies, with the Prince of Darkness or with their brothers and sisters in the rest of Ethiopia. The choice for the Tigrayan people could not be any clearer, the terrorist TPLF or Ethiopia. I am confident, unless I am proven wrong, that the people of Tigray will demonstrate their legendary Ethiopian patriotism by supporting the struggle to dismantle this anti-Ethiopian criminal organization.  This is the time for the Tigrayan people to shine. 


Editor’s note : view reflected in the article reflect the views of the writer. It does not necessarily reflect the views of this website.

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  1. I want to say something that does not have anything to with this article. I want to give a shout out to to my brother and patriot Professor Al. I can see now how Brother Al going thru the roof with joy that Trump has lost. It is all over now and we should move on. I don’t Biden’s policy towards the dam will dramatically changed. The only change we will be that Biden will be more ‘diplomatic’ about it. Let’s be practical about it. Egypt will never soften its stand about the dam because our old country is asserting itself as an alternative powerhouse even without the dam. The dam will add more clout for Ethiopia as a source of electricity for every country all around it. It will be able to advance its mining technology and industrialization. Ethiopia with its enormous population the labor wage will be at the level no Egyptian factory will be able to compete. So Egypt knows very well that the dam will never adversely affect the flow of water reaching its farms and population. What gives Egypt’s leaders sleepless night is another power coming on the scene.

    On the other hand, the West is not ready to abandon Egypt for good reasons. The peace treaty Egypt has with Israel is extremely essential which must be maintained. I think Biden and his advisors know that. But I don’t think he will come out winging it about the dam like his predecessor did. I choose to wait and see.

    Meanwhile, I wish my brother and patriot Obbo Al will go after these bigots right here among us who have been spewing around poison for quite some time. I hope he will write with the same intensity against these demons. They are professors like him but that should not entitle them to go scot free. May be he is afraid that they will call him a ‘neftegna’ of a ‘Neo-Gobena’. But he should know that he is already just that as one of these pejoratives in the bigot’s book. He should go after these college campus orphans with a gusto. It seems that they are now trying to recruit young people from here and send them to the camps of Chairman Debre. They are telling us now that in their mind there is no ifs or buts that Chairman Debre and his ragtag militia is going to march into Addis/Finfine just like in 1991. Brother Al should come down on these miscreants like a wall of bricks. Let him prove to us and the glorious people of that gem of the colored that he is not that coward to belch out ‘I ain’t afraid no ghost!’. Let’s go Al!!!!!

  2. I think that there is a lot still to know about the start of the war. TPLF has stretched too much the relationship with the Federal Government. but I have high doubts that TPLF was the one giving the step to war. I have doubts just because I don’t see how would TPLF win anything with this – Eritrea is allied with Abiy and it is more than obvious that TPLF would not be able to snatch new land from Amhara – because this would mean and TPLF can not, at this point, defeat the whole country. Furthermore, there are several reports of movements of ENDF towards Tigray the days before the 4th of November, so the “unexpected war” does not fit well. While there is no confirmation, it seems that the North Command sided with TPLF, so again why would TPLF attack the North Command?
    Last point, where are the proofs that the coward massacres of Amharas have been coordinated by the TPLF?

  3. ይህ ጦርነት ላይ እየተፋለሙ ከሚገኙት በአብይ በኩል ሆነውም ሆነ በደብረጽዮን በኩል ሆነው ሲዋጉ ህይወታቸው እያለፈ ወይም አካለ ስንኩል ሆነው እየማቀቁ ከሚሞቱት ስንታቸው ናቸው በአመት የእያንዳንዱ ኢትዮጵያዊ አማካኝ ገቢ ነው ብሎ እብይ የለፈፈውን የአንድ ሺህ የአማሪካን ዶላር ወይም የሰላሳ ሰባት ሺህ የኢትዮጵያ ብር በአመት ገቢ የነበራቸው የሚለውን ጥያቄ ብናነሳ አንድ ነጥብ አንድ ፐርሰንት እንኳን እንደማይሞሉ እንገነዘባለን።ስለዚህም ይህ ጦርነት ፍትህን ለማስፈን የሚካሄድ ትንቅንቅ ሳይሆን የመደብ ጦርነት መልክ የያዘ መሆኑን እንገነዘባለን። ተማርኩ network connection አለኝ የሚለው ተደማሪ eltes መደብ ተደማሪ elite ያልነበረውን በማናከስ እያበጣበጡ ደኃውን እና network connection የሌለውን ተደማሪዎቹ አጥንቱን እየጋጡ ደሙን እየጠጡ መሆናቸው የአደባባይ ሚስጥር ነው።

    የአማራ ልዩ ሀይል አባል በአመት የሚከፈለው ደሞዙ ገቢው ገንዘብ በሌሎች የሀገሪቱ ክልልሎች የልዩ ኃይል አባላት ከሚከፈላቸው ደሞዝ ገንዘብ ሲነጻጸር እጅግ አነስተኛ በሆነበት
    የአማራ ክልል የህክምና አገልግሎት እጅግ አነስተኛ በሆነበት
    አማራን በያለበት ዘር ተኮር ጥቃቶች እያዋከቡት የወንድ ይልቅ እየተባለ ባለበት
    የአብይ አፈ ቀላጤ ተደማሪ elites የደኃ የአማራን ልዩ ኃይል የሆነ ምስኪን መሀይም ገበሬ ሳይቀር እያወናበዱ ያለፍላጎቱ አስገድደው ወደ ጦርነት እንዲሄድ ማስገደዳቸው የእነዚህ ተደማሪ elites የሞራል ዝቅጠት ከቀን ወደ ቀን ለከት እጥቶ ረግረግ ውስጥ ዘቅጦ ትርፍ በሌለው ሁኔታ ዳግመኛ ላያንሰራራ እየሰጠመ መሆኑን ያሳያል። ማጥ ረግረግ quick sand ውስጥ የዘቀጠው ስብእናቸው እነርሱን አስጥሞ ሌሎቻችንንም ይዘውን ሊያሰጥሙን እየጎተቱን ነው። እንኳን ሊያሻግሩን ማጥ quick sand ውስጥ ወድቀው እየተንደፋደፉ ነው።

    Do not believe the hype.On average Ethiopians earning $1,000 USD per year is just a hype. Prospering by eliminating TPLF is also just a hype.
    Mark my words even if TPLF looses this current war TPLF’s leaders will recuperate and regroup in 2021, just remember how many times TPLF’s leaders recuperated and regrouped in the TPLF’s existence . This war is not the final nail on TPLF’s leaders cuffin as the elites preach it is just to fool the unsuspecting , uneducated , poor farmers .
    TPLF is like a snake that shades of the old skin bringing out brand new skin with a new look but inside it is the same. Same as the “reformists” shade their skin but inside they are the same.

  4. It is a classical TRAGEDY in Human Weakness — a FLAW of Character – being aware of the danger but still jump into it. Indeed, HISTORY is full of it around our GLOBE.

    Here we have ambitious few individuals dragging millions of innocent people to FIRE, for their own benefit. YET, they are scholars of the highest order — with Doctor of Philosophy [Ph D] Lable — to know that they themselves are jumping into Purgatory — sooner or later.

    The Amharic language said it all, in just two words: “ሳይቸግር ጥል” Indeed! Indeed!


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