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Authorities must ensure human rights are respected in Tigray military operation (AI)

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Amnesty International
November 4, 2020

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Following Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s decision to order a military operation against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which controls the Tigray region, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for East and Southern Africa Deprose Muchena said:

“The decision to send the military not only signals an escalation in tensions between the federal government and Tigray regional authorities, but also puts many lives at risk and threatens a downward spiral for human rights in Ethiopia.

“We call on the authorities in Ethiopia, both federal and regional, to ensure that international human rights law is respected in Tigray region, and, to ensure that people’s lives are protected. The use of lethal force must be restricted to when it is strictly unavoidable against the imminent threat of death or serious injury.

“We also call on the authorities to immediately restore telephone and internet communications in Tigray to allow people to communicate with one another in accordance with the right to freedom to expression, and to enable monitoring of the human rights situation there.”


In the early hours of 4 November 2020, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that he had ordered the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) to launch a military operation in the Tigray region, accusing the regional ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) government of attacking the ENDF’s Northern Command based in the regional capital Mekelle, after “months of continued provocations and incitement for violence by the TPLF”.

“The last red line has been crossed with this morning’s attacks and the Federal government is therefore forced into a military confrontation,” he said.

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  1. “Authorities must ensure human rights are respected in Tigray military operation (AI)”

    a) You must be kidding
    b) We are dealing with our DEAR AFRICANS with 100% power
    c) We are dealing with Ph D Degree Holders whose ambition in LIFE is only ONE, and only ONE >>> to be Master Dictator over under developed societies for LIFE with the unspoken benefit ‘under the table’.

    The wife of an African Dictator was caught, at an airport with her son, carrying uncounted 100 dollar bills . It his NOT a new phenomenon in our dear Africa. That is our Africa. It does NOT matter how many degrees we have from well known top universities on he Globe. That is what we are!!! WE JIUST ROAR INTO LAUGHTER SIXTEEN (16) HOURS per day for our entire existence in our darling backward Africa — ha ha ha ha ha ha ………. OH LORD …….HA HA HA HA HA ………………

    If you find the above intolerable, the west basket is just next to your desk. On the other hand, if you are of the opinion that it might awaken our dead asleep brethrens it would be a delight for my laughter in MY LIFE time, please use it at your cconvenince.

  2. These thugs who wrestled away the TPLF from the people will not go for a confrontational engagement with the defense forces. They will be firing on the soldiers hiding in civilian quarters to draw similar response so there will be civilian casualties in the process. Then they will send pictures of dead and badly wounded bodies to BBC, AP, Al-Jazeera, Reuters, Crisis Group, Amnesty International and their old pal Susan Rice. Then they will pressure the residents to leave their homes and go to ‘refugee’ camps. This modus operandi had worked for them during the door knob Mengistu time. They are out there to replicate the same scenario. Debre, Seyoum, Getachew, Seye and Sebhat now know they are the ones they drew out the sword out of its sheath on the rest of the people of that country including those upright and patriotic citizens of Tigray. How anyone in his right mind opt for war in this day and age of 2020? How? How? They must be those who walk around with sick minds. They are not only thinking straight but rather gone mad!!!

    Now this terrible news of war is good news for BBC, AP and other war mongering media outlets. They have been salivating for this war to break out so they can report from the war front. You just watch them now. But they can’t get there by air from Addis or Nairobi because Chairman Debre has banned all flights unless they ask el-Sisi to fly them there. His planes may be the only ones allowed to fly over that airspace of the ‘golden race’.


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