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Letter to the editor : What is the interest of Mr. Davison (ICG) in TPLF?

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William Davison _ TPLF

Dear dr. Abey and the core crew, 

I just listened to the news via the following link.  

Among others Abel is  reporting what William Davison (ICG) is doing there in Ethiopia. I would like to ask you the following  2 questions before expressing my concern and worry regarding this man (group):

1. What is the legal ground for this man (group): 

a. To be present in Ethiopia? 

b. To involve in the internal affairs 

2. What is the interest of this man (group) in TPLF? 

It is very weird, how on earth would internal issue be mediated with another sovereign country or  alien organization? Is ICG a department within the UN? To me it is as implied in its name (crisis  group), crisis hatcher.  

I hope authentic Ethiopians know at least by now the genesis, commission and ordain of TPLF. TPLF  has been procured, ordained, and deployed to dismantle Ethiopia. That is the most sophisticated yet  highly worked out plan in the post-cold war era. The project rather program was equipped with all round support among others from UK, Egypt and USA. Ethiopians have become the first and may be  the last people who are led by a government dogged to destroy the nation and people it assumed  power over. Miraculously we are surviving the genocide articulated and enforced by the aliens.  

At the very pivotal instance when we are about to bury TPLF, this man (group) is engaging in another  bold yet seemingly sophisticated (in his mind) restore ‘the demolish Ethiopia program’, rather rescuing TPLF.  

Dear dr. Abey and the core crew, the ‘Ethiopia need to evolve to numerous sovereign nations”  venom is poised by the far ancestors of mr. Davidson. Please consult the following book to proof and  know more about this claim: “Abyssinia: The Powder Barrel: A Book on the Most Burning Question of the  Day—1935 by Paron Roman Prochazka. Also published in “International Journal of Ethiopian Studies Vol. 7, No.  1 & 2 (2013), pp. 143-192.” 

The alien procured and installed gang, TPLF has done everything to wipe out the people, history,  heritage and the nation with the full-fledged support of the above-mentioned governments and their  various instruments: masked organizations and ‘development’ ventures. 

Hence, I presume that this man (group) is either a hugely paid lobing machine to TPLF or the post  2010 instrument of the alien states to provide all the support and cover up to traitor, butcher, lotter  and chronic whopper gang (TPLF). Davidson (ICG) is earnestly working to rescue TPLF and the group  is intruding in the national sovereignty of Ethiopia. 

I implore to you to expel this man (group) from Ethiopia. You and your crew are much wiser than  those alien minds. You have tried all peaceful options to deal with the criminal rather traitor gang,  which it will not deserve at all. You are never violent. The current strategy is also marvelous:  addressing the crisis based on the law/rules of the nation, with due care to the public under the  custody of TPLF. You guys need to be vigilant and sovereign in your plans and actions. Buy no alien  advise rather tolerate not camouflaged intruder(s).  

ICG is crisis (hatching) group working in disguise towards fixing ‘the demolish Ethiopia program’.

Kind regards, 

Asmare Yalew

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