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Feteh Magazine producer Temesgen Desalgne released from Detention

Misganaw Zinabe , also producer of Feteh Magazine, released.

Feteh Magazine _ Ethiopia
Temesgen Desalegne (Photo :SM)

October 15, 2020 

A day after he was arrested in the capital, the chief producer and owner of Feteh Magazine Temesgen Desalegn was released on Thursday. 

His younger brother, Tariku Desalegn, confirmed this morning that Temesgen was released from Addis Ababa Police commission to where he was taken after eight policemen detained him in his office on Wednesday. 

Temesgen was detained along with Misganaw Zinabe, the producer at Feteh Magazine, and it is confirmed that the latter is also released.

Citizen reports on social media on Wednesday said that Temesgen was arrested in connection with a report published on Feteh Magazine. 

According to the reports, the story was about Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abeibei’s bank account.  It was said that 40 million Ethiopian birr was found in her account. 

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of the Federal government had been calling for government authorities to register their assets as part of “the fight against corruption.”  However, about 30 state ministers have not yet registered their assets, and the commission is threatening with a lawsuit. 

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  1. Why was this journalist allegedly arrested? Was he really arrested? I am getting mixed news about it. He was summoned for questioning is one and he was arrested was the other information I came across. The reason for his alleged arrest is also jumbled up one. One is the bank was to blame for mistakenly depositing an amount in millions to her account and then transferring that amount to the right account number. Or was this patriot journalist set up with a false information? In any case that is one of his journalistic duties to report malfeasance by public official and such duties also be carried out after a thorough investigation. Otherwise you will end up in a libel situation like the one between the Time Magazine and the late Israeli military official and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. I wish the dear editors of this website will use their enormous capabilities to give us the facts. Again he should never been arrested for reporting what he was told. If he is proven to be wrong and he does not apologize for the error then the victim should seek justice in a libel court. The court should decide if he acted with no malice intended then he should be admonished by the court with no penalties. The alternative is he should be ordered to pay the victim for damages. I will wait until the dear editors findings.


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