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TPLF reframes position on “September 25 end of government in Ethiopia”

October 4, 2020

Weeks after stating that “there will be no government in Ethiopia after September 25 [Ethiopian Calendar],” Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is reframing its position.

The organizations’ spokesperson, Getachew Reda, had an interview with Tigray Mass Media Agency (TMMA) on Saturday.

He said that the regional government in Tigray will not accept or recognize any policy decision from the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and from the parliament. However, he said, institutions of the state ,like the defense force, will continue.

He also said that TPLF, the political force running the Tigray region of Ethiopia, is keen “to rescue the Federation.”

Watch the interview below.

Video : embedded from Tigray Mass Media Agency YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. if TPLF recognize the institutions like the Ethiopian Defence Force,it means that they are still recognizing the ruling party of Abiy Ahmed.This is because the ruling party will still the one which will safeguards the state institutions including that of Defence Force and assures the safety of the country until the election.This is what many,including i;know in ours constitution.Like what you are claiming now as marginization of tigrai region by Abiy Goverment,we all are marginilize my brothers!e.i:I am from Gambella Region,from the regional majority ethnic group,’The Nuer’ruled now in the region by the minority group’Anywaak’.this is a very direct marginization,even mr Abiy himself got this power because of their being claimed as the country’s largest ethnic majority,which if he(Abiy)follows ours constitutions is unconstitutions!Hence,let wait for the election(this year or what ever year he set)brothers.The only oppostions we all wait is the election fraud on that time!…

  2. The one who interviwed no need to express his name ,his duty and his mentality can revail his wrong and deafeated mind . am surprising on one thing we were lead by the rule and regulations that given to the socity by his team.why he act like an animal the so called “ene kemotku serdo ayebkel” if he is the leader or if he need to become aleader of the people he has to think about them not about the feeling of his team
    Actually he is not mannerd ,how can we learn and elect him as a leader he don’t even manage his tought and mouth .please advise him not to come for interview befor he mannered as a leader ,leaders can not insult others … i don’t think he has a baby boy to transfer what he has


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