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Ethiopian FM meets South Sudanese delegation

Ethiopia _ South Sudan
Ethiopian FM meets with South Sudanese delegation (MFAE)

August 31, 2020 

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew met with South-Sudanese delegation in his office in the capital Addis Ababa.

South Sudanese Presidential Affairs Minister,Mayiik Ayii Deng, led the delegation. 

According to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), the ministers from the two countries discussed bilateral issues including infrastructure development and enhanced cooperation between the two countries. 

The Electric Power transmission line from Ethiopia to Sudan and the Gambella-Akobo-Bor Board Project were among key infrastructure agenda items during the discussion between the two countries. 

The Ministry also disclosed that the two sides discussed the implementation of previously signed agreements in the line of road and bridge construction to link the two countries. 

Mr. Nhial Deng Nhial said “connecting the two countries through various infrastructure development projects would create the opportunity to expedite the process of the imminent economic integration of the region,” as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

Following a rumor about the Egyptian diplomatic approach to secure a military-base against the Ethiopian dam in June 2020, South Sudan dismissed the story as “baseless.” 

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