Tigray regional state fires back on the story of “deserting special forces”

Tigray regional state says people flocking from Amhara region

Mekelle _ Tigray
Mekelle (source : VOA Amharic)

August 27, 2020

Earlier this week there was a report circulating in some Ethiopian News outlets including from the Amhara region regarding special forces who deserted from the Tigray region.

As many as 60 members of special forces were said to have entered Amhara region – escaping from militarization trend in Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) stronghold, at least for now, Tigray region.

The latter is responding to the story. It is treating it as unfounded lies. Hadush Kassa is deputy government communications affairs of the region.

He told Voice of America Amharic service reporter in Mekelle, Mulugeta Atsebeha, that the story is intended to obstruct the election in the Tigray region.

It is also, he added, to “cover the region’s [Amhara region] problem.” For Hadush Kassa, Amhara region is being run by what he called “yegobez aleka” – which he seems to have used in the context of anarchy by referring to “self-appointed group of people.”

Furthermore, he said there is no peace in the Amhara region and people are flocking to the Tigray region.

Regarding the election Tigray, Mr. Hadush claimed that 2.6 million people are registered in a span of five days which highlighted as evidence that people in the region support the election. 

Opposition parties in the region accuse TPLF of repression and harassing opposition politicians.

On the issue of the election, TPLF is in a collision course with the Federal government as the House of Federation has extended the terms of office of regional and federal houses of peoples representatives. And there has been mobilization for a possible war with the Federal government – among other forces which TPLF accuses as having intention to “invade Tigray.”

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