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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission “concerned over excessive use of force” in Oromo region of Ethiopia

Communication Affairs Bureau in the Oromo region has rejected Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Report about “excessive use of force”

August 20, 2020

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said that it is concerned over what it called excessive use of force against protestors in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

In a report published on its Social Media page on Thursday, the commission said that it has received reports of killings in towns like Asasa, Asebot, Bale Robe, Chiro, Dengego, Dire Tiyara, Dodola, Gelemso, Giner, Haramaya, Hirna, and Shashemene.

The killings happened during a protest called to demand the release of “Oromo opposition party politicians,” it was said in the statement.

However, the report did not specify the number of people killed during the protest. It said that it is working to verify the number of casualties by gathering information from residents in the towns, eyewitnesses, hospitals and administrative bodies from the regional government.

Furthermore, the Commission called on Federal and regional authorities to immediately launch an investigation into the killing.

Senior Advisor of the Commission Aron Masho is cited as saying that”Government authorities need to observe citizen’s rights to protest peacefully and the law enforcement practice needs to be proportional.”

The region has not recovered from tragic killings; the tendency to violate rights should not be allowed to continue, it was said.

Some media outlets claim that dozens of protestors were killed in connection with the latest string of protests in the region. Other outlets like Aljazeera reported nine deaths.

Meanwhile, Oromo regional state authorities criticized the report by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission regarding. The region’s communication affairs bureau said the report from the commission lacks honesty and failed to consider the government’s effort to enforce the rule of law.

The office also said that the regional government has resolved to enforce the rule of law to avert a situation that was experienced after Hachalu Hundessa was killed. Thousands of business places and residential homes were burned, and hundreds of innocent residents in different towns in the region were brutally massacred.

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