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Ethiopian Consulate in Jeddah condemns ethnic based clashes in Mecca

Ethiopian Consulate _ Jeddah

August 10, 2020

Ethiopian Consulate General in Jeddah said on Sunday that it has learnt several Ethiopians were hurt after ethnic based clashes among Ethiopians in the Islamic Holy city of Mecca.

A brief letter, dated August 9th, from the Consulate General shared on Social Media said that violence based on ethnicity, birth region or differences of views (apparently political views) are not acceptable for it has no cultural or religious ground, and not in line with humanity.

Such behavior, it was said, compromises the security of peaceful citizens and tarnishes the image of our people and country.

Furthermore, the letter said that those who are involved in the violence will be held accountable in accordance with the law of Saudi Arabia while advising Ethiopians to refrain from such illegal behavior.

The letter did not specify about when the violence happened and how many people were hurt.  

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  1. It is sad — VERY SAD — that Ethiopia, one of the ancient independent countries in Africa and indeed in the world, has to plunge to such an ugly depth. It is TRAGEDY, in its CLASSICAL meaning. NOW, what, where, how, who questions come to mind in the disintegration of an ANCIENT country. The answer must come from supremely educated Ethiopian Scholars with Top Most Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy from renowned World Universities around the Globe. It is the last breath of Ethiopia before the official ‘THE END’.


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