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The United States Provides Ventilators to Ethiopia to Respond to COVID-19

United States Provides Ventilators _ Ethiopia
Lia Tadesse, Minister for Health, and U.S. Ambassador Michael Raynor, during handover ceremony.

US Embassy in Addis Ababa
August 4, 2020

Addis Ababa,  – The U.S. government has donated a shipment of 250 state-of-the-art ventilators and other critical care equipment to assist Ethiopia with its response to COVID-19. The donation delivers on President Trump’s generous offer to Prime Minister Abiy of these critically needed supplies, in support of Ethiopia’s urgent and comprehensive response to the pandemic. 

“Today, the United States reinforces its unwavering commitment to the Ethiopian people. This donation is a critical addition to the billions of dollars in resources and expertise that the American people have invested in Ethiopia’s health system in recent years. I am honored to join Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse to hand over this new equipment and to continue our work together, mitigating the impact of COVID-19 and helping Ethiopia save lives,” said U.S. Ambassador Michael Raynor at the handover event. 

During the handover ceremony, the Ethiopian Minister of Health H.E. Dr. Lia Tadesse said, “On behalf of the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, I would like to thank the United States government for the generous and much needed donation of critical care equipment. Ethiopia appreciates President Donald Trump’s generous contribution, and that of the American people to our citizens. The United States and Ethiopia share a long history of cooperation, and the support of the United States Government over the years has helped strengthen and enhance the Ethiopian health system.” 

To ensure that the ventilators can have an immediate impact on the health of Ethiopian citizens, USAID is providing a complementary package of support, which includes accompanying equipment, warranty and service plans, and training for Ethiopian medical professionals. 

This donation builds on more than $71 million that the United States has committed so far to Ethiopia in response to the pandemic, which is helping to strengthen clinical care, disseminate health messages, build lab capacity, improve disease surveillance, and ensure food security to help Ethiopians withstand the effects of pandemic-related disruptions to food production and supply chains.  

For decades, the United States has been the world’s largest provider of bilateral assistance in health. In Ethiopia, U.S. government investments in the well-being of the Ethiopian people have totaled more than $13 billion over the past 20 years – with nearly $4 billion in health alone – highlighting the American people’s long-standing partnership with Ethiopia. 

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  1. This proves me right in my dismissal of the news that the Trump Administration is planning to cut aids to the old country in support of Egypt against the dam. I believe it was all fake news and still is.


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