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Sudanese dam collapsed due to flooding in Blue Nile Province

August 3, 2020

Five people are reportedly killed and well over one thousand houses destroyed in the Sudanese town of Bout, in the Blue Nile province.

Four people died from room collapse while one person drowned. The flood cut off roads, swept away houses, and people’s belongings. Furthermore, cultivated land in the same region is inundated.

The disaster happened on Saturday following a heavy rainfall which led to the collapse of the dam in the town, which is said to have over 100,000 population size.

The town of Wed Abuk, which is close to the town of Bout, more than 120 residential houses were destroyed.

In the capital Khartoum, one thousand homes were inundated with floods on Friday and Saturday — as reported by Sudan News Agency.

According to a report by the Associated Press which is published by VOA on Sunday, at least 2,380 houses are destroyed. Over two dozen schools and Mosques along with 78 businesses are also destroyed.

Cover photo : screenshot from Video of Weather Events YouTube channel

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  1. I want this horrific incidence to be included in the record regarding the dam. The dam is designed and being constructed to play a significant role in averting such calamities when fully operational. Sudan knows It’s benefits from the dam very well.


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